A dog may be a man’s best friend but will Alfie keep your home secure?

03 Sep
September 3, 2013

I don’t suspect there is any danger of a dog losing its reputation as “man’s best friend” but most certainly the latest design of panic rooms for homes in London are giving Alfie the dog a run for his money.

Unfortunately even though a dog may be able to deter the postman from putting his hand through your letter box when delivering the post, they cannot provide 24/7 surveillance and keep you and your family members safe if an intruder was to get into your home.

Did you know that according to the latest Metropolitan Police crime figures, London alone has unfortunately had 27,209 burglaries in the period April to July 2013?  This may be a slight decrease of 8.1% from the same period last year but it is still a large number to consider for only four months.

There is a variety of home security systems available, many with multiple motion sensors, CCTV cameras and secure passwords providing limited protection when they are both in and away from home but a titan steel security door is guaranteed to keep you safe.

There are many studies that highlight the large number of advantages available to the average householder in installing a steel security door.  The main and most obvious is there is an enormous reduction in a potential burglary.  Homeowners in London that have a fully functioning security door or panic room are 300 times less likely to experience a break-in or suffer injury in comparison with a neighbour who does not have any security in place.

When you think about the word “panic room” you are very likely to think about the film which stared Jodie Foster in 2002 where she hides in her Manhattan town home.  Within her room she has a number of supplies to keep her safe and secure.

This however is the dramatic and exciting end of a panic room and they are not usually as dangerous as implied in the film.  These panic room or security doors which are a little less dramatic trace back much further than any Jodie Foster film.  In the medieval times they were used to protect feudal lords.

So how does the average panic room/security door work?

Many people assume that having an extra bolt on their door is going to keep them secure but unfortunately the most experienced of intruders can find ways to make their way into your home which is why it is understanding that many people choose to have a security door instead.  There are 18 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the door to ensure when locked it is completely secure.

You can turn any room in the house into a panic room, such as a study, a bedroom or even a bathroom.  It is always worth having a Plan B if an intruder was unfortunately going to get into your home.

Don’t become a part of this statistic; protect your family today with titan steel security doors….

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