BURGLARY, Berber Road, Battersea, London, SW11 14/02/09

14 Feb
February 14, 2009

Even on Valentine’s Day,

Another door broken into, the occupiers thought they were perfectly safe, they locked up and were away for a few days, only to come back on Valentine’s Day to find that they had a burglary. I really can’t understand the mentality, of other human beings, going out to cause so much heart ach. The shock of a burglary, can be truly overwhelming, these so-called human beings, wouldn’t want somebody to burgle them, they would be angry, upset, but they are willing to cause so much stress to other people, it really beggars belief, I truly believe the punishment, should be more severe a minimum of 10 years in prison would do me, for starters. What do you thinkĀ , please e-mail, particularly if you have had the experience of a burglary, I will insert your comments into this blog,

Take care, remember to lock up properly


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  1. Alastair Williamson-Pound says:

    My wife and I were burgled about a year ago. We live in the Battersea area. It’s a nice area but across the railway tracks is a large housing estate. When they burgled us last year they literally kicked the outside door down, both inside doors down to the flats and turned them literally upside down. They took anything of any value and walked out the front doors (as that’s the only way out). This very evening my wife and I were watching TV in our lounge at the back of the house when we heard noises. I went to investigate to find someone climbing into our bedroom. I managed to chase this coward down a few streets but I lost him. What bothers us more than anything is that this was midnight on a Monday evening when everyone is in and still they break into your house whether your in or not. Fact is we leave this god forsaken hellhole in two weeks and we will spread the word that London is no part of England. It’s the dark spot on the UK map, somewhere where people do not care about their neighbours and care only about themselves. The amount of crime is disgusting and unacceptable, the fact is no-one will do anything about it. The British spirit is almost certainly dead.


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