The Emotional Rollercoaster after a Burglary

16 Jul
July 16, 2013

Many people understand the frustration of having items stolen however it’s only when you’ve actually experienced a burglary of your own home can you understand the emotional effects too.

Although it’s obviously upsetting to have precious items taken away in most cases these items are replaceable by the insurance within a few days. Unfortunately the impact on life, health and relationships is not as quickly dismissed as it can take time to go through the cycle of emotions and some never recover fully.

Here are the most common feelings you may experience after your home has been burgled.


It’s natural to feel scared as your safe haven is no longer safe. It’s been proven that it is penetrable and your items can be taken as easily as if they were laid out on a street. If the burglars struck while you were asleep you may worry about them returning and what they could do if you disturb them.


This is one of the most common emotions that people feel after being burgled. It’s a hard feeling to describe to those who haven’t been there. As adults we build a cocoon around us that’s full of all our private items and we only allow access to those we love and trust. Knowing a stranger has sifted through your personal items with absolutely no empathy for the impact it would have can leave many feeling violated, as if their special secrets have been exposed. The thought that a person has also watched your activity to choose the best time to burgle also plays a huge part in this feeling of violation.


This is an emotion that is rarely talked about as few people want to admit it yet most feel at least an element of stupidity. This surrounds thoughts such as, “What if I’d just checked the burglar alarm”, “Why didn’t I fix that broken window lock?” even, “Why didn’t I invest in a more secure door when I had the chance”? It’s rare that people feel that they’d done absolutely everything to keep their home secure before a burglary, unfortunately it’s not until afterwards that they realise they could have done more which leads to…


Despite equality between men and women, men still torture themselves after a burglary thinking they should have done more to protect their family.


Anger is a natural emotion of course but this can put a strain on relationships as couples have no one to direct their anger to (unless the police find the culprit). Many want to scream and shout, to tell the burglars what they did was wrong to make them aware of the devastation they’ve caused through their greed, yet this has to stay bottled up which makes many silently seethe.


Whether you lived in your home for 6 months or 20 years you would have previously associated it with safety. It was your own little haven where you could close the curtains on the world after a bad day, recover from the flu in peace and fill with family on special events. Suddenly, the house no longer feels like a home, it feels like bricks and mortar that’s let you down. Overtime, these feelings can disappear, especially if extra security measures are made but some find they have to move on to start a fresh.

The Solutions

Most burglars enter through the front or back door as they either recognise a weak lock that’s easy to pick or see that the door is easy to break. See our gallery on how burglars have advanced their methods. Our steel doors ensure the ultimate security as no one but you can enter through them no matter what array of tools present.

The addition of steel doors is now common amongst many city homes, as it allows those that have been burgled a chance to reclaim their homes as their own while preventing it from happening for those that are passionate about protecting their family and property.

Along with this, you should also recognise that being burgled is a trauma that makes you a victim and because of this you do deserve victim support. The free service allows you to talk through all of these emotions so you can continue life the way you deserve.

New Study shows that 25% More People Live at Home until Their 30’s – Our Solution- Steel!

09 Jul
July 9, 2013

This week a new study was revealed that highlighted the change in living arrangements over the last twenty years.
The office for National Statistics reported that despite the number of 20-34 year olds living in the UK remaining constant since 1997, the amount living at home has risen by a staggering 3 million, or 20%.
The trend began to climb as far back as 20 years ago however it’s from 1997 that the dramatic change is obvious.

  • There seems to be a number of contributing factors that encourage fully grown adults to live with mum and dad such as:
  • The increase in higher education has meant that many don’t find jobs until their mid-twenties, the parent’s house is always cheaper
  • The changing roles of men and women mean that men can’t guarantee they’ll have a hot meal on the table and their socks washed if they move in with a girlfriend so it’s easier to let mum carry on
  • The focus on careers means that many don’t start families until their mid-thirties so there’s not much point in moving out until this is on the cards
  • The rise in unemployment makes living at home a much cheaper solution
  • The difficulty of procuring a mortgage means many are saving up for a deposit
  • Better the devil you know, what better roommates than mum and dad, especially if they’re wrapped around your little finger?

Of course the choice is down to the individual family, but an extra fully grown adult with their own social network must put a strain on any household no matter how large the house is.
What’s the Solution?
Luckily we have a solution that can please everyone all of the time and it comes in the form of our steel doors. Now any room in the house can be separate and parents and children can enjoy complete privacy without the worry of interruptions or noise.

Some parents are building extensions to their homes in a bid to separate the adults while still giving them the benefits of living at home, however these extensions still cause disruption when music is played, friends are round or when seeking a little privacy.

Some parents also can’t help snooping when the child is out of the house, causing conflict as a thirty year old is told to “Tidy your Room!”

The steel door adds the ultimate privacy for both parties. It can soundproof a room and make it seem as though it’s hardly there at all. With the steel door, the children can ensure maximum privacy so the girlfriend can stay over without the worry of conversations being overheard or a parent walking in.

Fire resistant and impenetrable it also adds extra security while with a few little additions to the room, it can mirror the rooms of a posh hotel.

Of course, this may make it even harder to encourage the kids to move out, and when you shout, “You treat this place like a hotel” they may just reply, “because it is!”

If this should happen don’t forget to add tariffs for room service and use of facilities while clocking up their bill to present when they finally check out!


The Superman of the Door Industry – Doors of Steel Save the Earth

28 Jun
June 28, 2013

Although Superman has been viewed as a bit of a geek compared to his cousins such as Batman and Cat Woman, recently he’s earned back his tough guy image with the new movie Man of Steel.

People everywhere are raving that finally our caped crusader has got it right combining the perfect recipe of strength, sexiness and power with practicality and a desire to save the earth.

That’s when we realised that our steel doors have a lot more in common with Lois Lane’s latest crush as we give all of the above every time we install a steel door.

We’ve waxed lyrical about how our steel doors save you from burglars, as nobody but superman himself could penetrate the depth of steel even if armed with a chainsaw. We’ve let you in on the smooth operation that allows six bolts to be locked without a hitch and we’ve taken you through the architecture showing that you can choose any design.

We’ve also shown you our features such as letter boxes and cat flaps, while boasting about the power that makes our steel doors ideal in the event of a fire. We’ve shown how to soundproof a room or to make a safe in your home and we’ve even taken you to Jodie Foster’s world by letting you inside the workings of a panic room.

Saving the World One Door at a Time

What we haven’t told you about is our ability to save you money, to cut down your household bills and to ensure your home stays as hot or as cold as you want it to! That’s right, we’re saving the earth!

Our doors are fully insulated, ensuring that you receive no loss of heat. Steel doors are often used for fridges or freezers in restaurants or factories as they are incredible at maintaining the temperature while not letting hot or cold air escape.

Considering the price of electricity is about to rise by 9%, the steel door can offer you incredible savings and that’s not all.

If you’ve ever heard of zoning, you’ll know it’s a heating system that allows you to control the temperature of every room of your home individually. So guest rooms don’t use heat and the home office remains warm despite being in the garage. Now zoning is rising in popularity but people still lose heat through the internal doors.

With a steel door, you not only protect the building from fire, theft and damage you can also close the door when the room reaches a temperature you’re happy with and it will remain the same. Cold won’t leak out of that unused guest room and the warmth from your bedroom won’t benefit the hall!

Come and Have a Go if You Think You’re Hard Enough!

So Superman, we’re giving you a run for your money. We’re strong, we’re sexy, we’re practical and we save the planet, best of all we don’t wear our underpants on the outside of our letterbox!

We also believe that even your laser stare would have trouble getting through our steel doors, whereas you may need your glasses to power up you X Ray vision if you want to see what’s on the other side!

Step Through a Secure Steel Door to Experience Luxury and Privacy Personified!

11 Jun
June 11, 2013

When picturing a luxurious home or holiday you probably don’t consider the doorways however next time you’re a guest in a prestigious hotel or staying in a private mansion take a look at the doors.

You’ll find there’s much more than meets the eye.

Most modern hotels of 4stars plus now have the added luxury of a steel door for their rooms. Even if this extra isn’t available for every guest it’s almost certain it will be for those staying in the upper decks, suites or honeymoon rooms.

It’s so common these days that you probably take it for granted, noting only the weight of the hotel room door as one of you holds it open while the other fetches the luggage. You’ll be all too familiar with the scene where you fumble with a key card as you precariously balance your bags, slotting it into the wall so you can benefit from some light.

You’ll also remember times when you or a family member has popped outside for a second only to be left stranded without your key as the door closes swiftly behind leaving you locked out of the room.

These may seem like slight annoyances yet the steel doors of hotels give back so much more so these small facts can be ignored.

Why Does Steel Suggest Luxury?

We all know the expression that first impressions count, and the entrance to your hotel room is no different. Immediately, before you’ve even unlocked the door you are rewarded with a sense of safety and security.

Step Inside

Once inside, with the steel door as your boundary you can be confident your privacy is protected as no one can simply drop in without a key.

Sleep Soundly

Steel doors, although revered for security are also incredible at soundproofing a room so once you’re inside you can talk without being overheard and sleep soundly without the noisy hen party across the hall waking you up!

Fight Fire

Capable of resisting extreme temperatures, the steel door is ideal for keeping you safe in the event of a fire. In a hotel fitted with high quality steel doors, even if the hall outside is on fire, you’re unlikely to experience the heat or the smoke through the door. Of course following procedure and getting out of the building altogether is the key but this does provide extra peace of mind.

Don’t be a Hero

Nobody wants to be in a siege situation like in the popular series of 24 but it’s nice to know that if the hotel was ever under attack you wouldn’t have to adopt Jack Bauer’s bravery as the steel door will keep you safe.

The door will ensure no tools, bullets, weapons or flames penetrate making your hotel room the sanctuary you deserve it to be, no matter what happens on the outside.

It certainly shows why steel doors are now common procedure for new hotel builds or refurbishments as they add the extra luxury, privacy and security that every holidaymaker deserves.

Steel Door Myths Debunked

31 May
May 31, 2013

When we picture Steel Doors we often think of huge hunks of metal that adorn commercial buildings. Of course many business premises and banks understand the importance of the security of steel, yet now they’re aesthetically pleasing for homeowners too.

Worryingly burglars are becoming more like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible as they advance as fast as technology using gadgetry to secure entry quickly and without fuss.

As locks become more sophisticated and windows impossible to break it’s the doors that receive the damage with many being sliced in half. See our gallery here…

In order to maintain elegance, a welcoming entrance and style without compromising on security many are turning to steel doors, yet many factors put people off.

Here are the myths that prevent some choosing the most secure, attractive, stylish door for their homes.

Myth: They Weigh too Much

Fact: Yes the steel doors are heavy; this of course adds to the strength that gives maximum security however homeowners won’t feel the weight. They are fitted with precision so the operation feels as light as a feather – the beauty of modern technology!

Myth: They Are Difficult to Operate

Fact: You’d be forgiven for thinking that with so many locks and bars the doors are difficult to operate, yet everything runs very smoothly ensuring the key holder can open the door with ease but a burglar cannot. You’ll find operation much smoother than your current door!

Myth: I Can’t Have a Cat Flap

Fact: We can supply a door with a cat flap that allows your feline friend to come and go as she pleases without compromising the security of the door.

Myth: A Letterbox Compromises Security

Fact: Some of our steel doors come with letterboxes so you can receive mail securely too. These will accept standard sized letters but even if a burglar could get a hand through they wouldn’t be able to penetrate the locked door. This is because the steel is so strong on both sides that nothing but the correct key will let unwanted visitors in.

Myth: They’re Not Modern

Fact: It’s true that many of our steel doors are traditional, just like the one at No.10 Downing Street as they encompass the classic posh style of solid wood. However we also have contemporary doors for those who like to embrace modern trends, you’ll be surprised by the styles in our gallery!

Myth: They Block Out All the Light

Fact: Few front doors have glass panels, as the inner hall is rarely a place where people congregate and so natural light is normally not an issue, however for those who like lots of light we’ve incorporated glass into some of our doors.

Now you can have the security of the steel door along with bullet proof impenetrable glass, so you can see the light!

If there are any other reasons that deter you from choosing a steel door for securing your home, get in touch and let us see if we can debunk the myth!

Why Wooden Doors Represent Wealth in the 21st Century

02 May
May 2, 2013

Fifty years ago every home would sport a wooden door, whether it was panelled, mdf, solid mahogany or simply veneered it was the only door of choice.

The differences in quality were evident as you left a row of terraces to join a more affluent area as the detached prestigious homes would sport expensive wood that offered the best security for the time. While the less fortunate would compromise on wood effect or a door filled with cardboard in order to try and mirror their wealthy neighbours.

As people became richer and technology advanced, PVC arrived and suddenly, the simple front door was thrown out, replaced with a double glazed plastic variety that was contemporary and quite cheap.

It’s interesting though that the historic houses up the road didn’t invest in a PVC door, as they retained the solid wood, complete with brass door knockers, understanding the quality of the grain.

Bring Back the Brass Knockers

Now in the 21st century we’ve come full circle as those who appreciate class and style are now seeking ways to have the ultimate wooden door without compromising on the security.

Unfortunately as tastes and technology have developed so has the aptitude and tool kit of a common burglar so regardless of the amount of locks on a door, they can simply saw through the wood. This leaves many homes vulnerable, yes, even the historic house on the hill, as these criminals are finding new ways to combat age old problems.

That’s why a steel door covered in luxury wood is the ultimate solution, as it gives your home the class it deserves while keeping the intruders out. No tool can permeate the door, not even a fire would harm it ensuring you stay completely secure without compromising your style.

Even the luxury wood coverings have changed to incorporate the new traditional trend and now they’re available in every era from the Art Deco of the 1920’s to the Edwardian period. In walnut, mahogany, oak and beech, any house can benefit from a door that is unique.

We’ve also taken the time to accessorise our wooden steel doors, adding the extras that made many the envy of their friends. From the golden letter box to the brass knocker, to places for names and numbers your door can have it all.

Yes Prime Minister

In fact next time you visit Downing Street or see our Prime Minister making a speech from number 10, take a closer look at his high quality black wooden door.

Does it look slightly thicker than normal? Has he realised the importance of steel? You’ll find the same design in our store! While you browse we’ll leave you with a little fact.

Did you know that the zero that makes up the no.10 on the Prime Minister’s door is actually an O from the alphabet and not a number?

The designer decided the number zero just wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough!


Do We Really Need Panic Rooms in the UK?

24 Apr
April 24, 2013

In the UK we’re quite fortunate as we don’t endure the threat of kidnap that those in the Middle East, Africa and South America do, so why are panic rooms becoming more and more popular?

We can’t reveal who we install steel doors for, as privacy and security is part of our service, yet we can reveal that more and more customers are using our services to make panic rooms out of any room in the house.

It’s always been seen as an extravagant, over the top security measure used only by the very rich, the very famous or the drug barons with a price on their head, yet now people have realised it’s the ultimate secure solution for keeping loved ones safe.

Think back to 2002, to Jodie Foster in the Panic Room. Apart from making you feel old as this was over a decade ago, what else do you remember?

In the US after the film’s release, panic rooms rose in popularity yet here in the UK we couldn’t stretch our imagination to think the same fate would happen to us.

What’s Changed?

Instead of using panic rooms to protect a family against kidnappers, we, in Britain are using them for a whole different reason. Many new  now have panic rooms as standard as it’s not just possessions at stake.

Obviously popular amongst the wealthy now people like us are favouring the panic room too as violence unfortunately becomes the biggest crime committed in the UK, closely followed by vandalism.

Prevention is Better than the Cure

For instance, CCTV cameras are great for capturing a person’s image to use AFTER the deed is done however they do little to prevent the crime in the first place. Many retired couples are now realising that burglars actually wait for them to be home before they attack as they can give access to safes, show them where the money is and be encouraged to do as asked if a partner or family member is used as a threat.

That’s why panic rooms in the Master suites are popular. In seconds families can be secure and the police can be alerted. By the time a burglar even finds the steel security door, the police are already apprehending the suspect red handed.

The Expense

Our customers have found great ways to cut down on the cost of a panic room while ensuring the chosen space is comfortable and fire retardant too. Their new panic rooms not only protect from intruders but from fire. A reassuring though for anyone who lives with loved ones.

They have done this by choosing us to install steel doors internally, to block off one room of the house; you can see how an office has utilised this here.

Not Just for People

This not only gives them a safe place to go to should intruders enter the home, it also keeps valuables safe when the home is left empty, so burglars leave empty handed.

If you think you’d benefit from some extra protection or would sleep easier at night knowing you can keep your family safe in seconds, see the range of steel doors we have on offer.


You Don’t Have to Compromise Style for Security

17 Apr
April 17, 2013

It’s no secret that steel doors are the number one way to stop intruders gaining access to your home as wood just isn’t strong enough.  As locks increase in quality and strength now many burglars simple saw through a wooden door to gain access.

Bizarrely the majority of home owners wouldn’t consider wooden doors for their garages as they know this wouldn’t be the safest way to store their precious motor, yet when it comes to the home it seems the security of the family is lower on the priority list. This may be because of the preconceptions about steel doors that keep you secure.

When you mention security steel doors to homeowners, generally their eyes may cloud over as they imagine huge metal constructions that make their home look like an impenetrable prison.  We’ve worked hard to bring you the best doors to complement all tastes and styles. Many don’t even look like they’re made from metal at all, which gives you peace of mind, keeps burglars out and enhances the look of your home.

What’s your Style?

No matter what your style, there’s a security steel door for you. Protecting your family shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing your style or the warm welcome of your home. Here are some ideas for security steel doors to match all home types.


Our real wood doors are ideal for those who live in period properties as they mirror the most popular eras allowing you to match the steel door to your home, maintaining the history and preserving the personality of the history too. For example:

Art Deco

A movement that happened in the 1920’s our arts and crafts doors are ideal as they show the trademark linear designs and encapsulate the semi circles that are synonymous with this era. See K04, TK4 or SK42.


The Victorian era is now considered antique as it is over 100 years ago. This was when design began to become simplified while still portraying delicate craftsmanship and quality materials. Our range of real wood panelled doors reflect this era beautifully. For example SK18, TW 2 GQK6


The Edwardian era favoured the darker woods with a little more detail much like our doors SK 21 and TK 5. See the scrolls in the former? This represents the hand carving the Edwardian joiners were famous for.


Our security steel doors lend themselves brilliantly to Tudor times as this era favoured large heavy doors that were impenetrable. We’ve added a modern twist with ours that encapsulates what we know of Tudor times to add a little more detail. See TA 08 and T 19.


There are of course many to complement new builds or contemporary homes. Each design has been specially developed to not only protect your home but to make it look amazing too.

6 Key tips for Crime prevention advice for your home and property

13 Mar
March 13, 2013

Are you sick and tired of having your home broken into your personal space invaded your possessions stolen and your friends and neighbours burgled, it all stops here honestly there are so many ways to combat these thugs stopping them in their tracks and all with some well thought out  common sense.

1.  Never leave your door un-locked; make sure you always lock all doors when you leave the house to go anywhere, sound simple but would you be surprised to know that over 28% of burglaries in London are because of unlocked cars or homes.

2.  Never under any circumstances leave keys for either windows or doors in the lock and forget about them, I know this sounds ridiculous but again burglar’s will take advantage of your constant stupidity don’t be next.

3.  If you have any spare keys don’t leave them anywhere outside not under a rock not or under the mat or hanging near the door just don’t do it period.

4.  Make sure that if you have a burglar alarm make sure it is visible from the front of the house make sure it is in a well-lit area. Did you know that it is a well know statistic that over 58% of burglaries in greater area of London happen to the unsuspected at night which is why tip number five is critical.

5.  You must use good quality security lights with timers, these lights will allow you to give the impression that you are home when you are not, these lights will be a great deterrent for your common would be thief in the night.

6.  Get involved in your community Neighbourhood watch scheme don’t be afraid to look after each other together you will achieve more is an old adage that rings true when your neighbour is out you can keep an eye on their home and vice versa when you are out.

Think like A Burglar

14 Feb
February 14, 2013

Burglary is a very real threat in London. The sad truth is that burglaries happen every single day, sometimes in broad daylight, and we are all vulnerable to becoming a target. A burglary can be a very traumatic experience to have to go through, and it can often leave you with thousands of pounds of losses. However, there are certain things that you can do in order to minimise your chances of becoming a victim. To do this, you are going to need to think like a burglar. Here are some aspects to consider.

Are Your Windows And Doors Secure?

The first thing that will attract a burglar to your home or business is unsecure windows and doors. It can be very easy to forget to lock your front door, or shut your windows before you go out, but it is incredibly important that you do. Burglars will be drawn to your property if they notice that it is unsecure. In London, if it is unsecure, then it is very likely that you will become a target. To avoid this from happening to you, make sure that your doors remain locked when you are not in the property and that your windows are shut when you are not in.

Are Your Valuables Visible?

Again, this is another thing that will automatically attract burglars to your home. Think about where your valuables are located within your home. For example, do you have any jewellery lying around by any windows? If you do, then you are making yourself a target. More often than not, burglars will look through the glass of the windows in the properties that they have targeted, in order to see what they can take. It is a good idea to make sure that all of your valuables are out of view of any visible windows.

Can Your Locks Be Easily Broken?

If a burglar cannot get into your home through an open window or an unlocked door, then they will try to break the locks. Check to see how secure and robust the locks on your door actually are. If you don’t think that they are secure, or you suspect that they can be easily broken, then it is a good idea to get new locks fitted. By doing this, you can greatly minimise the chances of your house being broken into.

Although it is a worrying prospect, burglaries do happen every single day in the city, and nobody is without risk. However, by thinking like a burglar, you are able to make sure that the likelihood of your home being broken into is very slim. Burglars will be deterred from properties that look secure, and that don’t have any obvious valuables on display. Remember the points that have been mentioned above, as this will allow you to drastically decrease the chances of your home being broken into and your possessions being stolen.