Shocking Statistics that Make Us Sick

02 Aug
August 2, 2013

No matter how long we’ve been in this industry we still feel shocked by how often burglaries occur. From opportunists to careful planners, this crime has a community all of its own and impacts on thousands of victims, emotionally and financially every year.

Recently Tesco released this info graphic that shows the shocking statistics behind burglaries in the UK. Compounding our worst fears that despite raising awareness, the figures don’t seem to be going down.

From these statistics we’ve picked out a few that we believe we can help with here at Steel Security Doors, either through products and services or simple free advice.

1.     73% of burglars use the front door

Unfortunately we’ve seen this with our own eyes. See our gallery here. Burglars are becoming more and more sophisticated using a wide range of tools that make short work of the typical door.

This is the main motivation behind installing a steel door as although from the outside it looks normal, nothing will ever penetrate it. With a steel door, you’ll decrease your chances of being burgled by 73%.

2.     You are 6 times more likely to be burgled without dead locks on exterior doors and windows

Burglars don’t see a mortis or Yale lock as a challenge anymore. Disturbingly there are even YouTube videos that give tutorials on how to bypass these locks. More secure solutions are needed to keep the burglar out. Our steel doors lock from the top to the bottom using impenetrable indestructible locks, so unless your burglar has a key, they’re not getting in.

3.     You are 3 times more likely to be burgled if you have children

This statistic sickens us the most. Maybe it’s due to the extra items in the house, or that generally if you have children your house is larger. It could also mean you’re less likely to put up a fight. When combined with the other statistic that 57% of burglaries are committed when someone is at home, this understandably worries parents senseless.

Our steel doors can also be used inside the home, to make panic rooms. They’re becoming more and more popular as people feel they need somewhere safe to put the children should the worst happen. They can also be used to store the most valuable items too.

4.     56% of burglaries happen at night

This surprises many of our clients as many believe the figure to be much higher. Despite the statistics showing otherwise few people protect their home adequately during the day as they think a burglar will be put off by the visibility.

In fact burglars will strike when people are at work as they are less likely to be seen and any noise they make is less likely to be viewed as suspicious. We recommend timers for lights and the TV or radio. A good alarm system and a friendly neighbour that is home during the day to combat this.

Above all prevention is better than the cure!

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