Staying Secure on Holiday

13 Aug
August 13, 2013

As the summer holidays are here, many are choosing this time to go away for a week or two in order to keep the children entertained. Family homes are considered to be the most profitable for a burglar, and they’re also an easy target if they’re empty.

A security steel door will ensure they can’t access your home through the entrance, however we’ve put together some tips that ensure the burglar moves along realising an attempt is not worth the risk.

It’s Not Rubbish

Your wheelie bin tells a burglar a thousand stories. Thieves will scour the area on collection days and if they notice a bin hasn’t been put out, they will earmark that property as empty. They will then make further investigations.

If you are going on holiday ask a neighbour to put your bin out, even if it’s empty. If you haven’t any neighbours, just leave it where it can be seen from the road.

Your Post

You may have already cancelled the milk and newspaper deliveries for when you’re away, however you can’t cancel the postman. A pile of post or letters sticking out of the door are indicators that your property is empty. Make sure you have a letter box that has brushes on the inside. It should have a strong hinge so it clasps shut without being forced. This ensures that a burglar can’t see through to the pile of post while the postman must make sure letters go all the way through.

Although attractive, resist the urge to have a post-box on the exterior walls. These fill up quickly and can be accessed very easily.

Your Garden

Your garden is your welcome or deterrent to a potential burglar. Privacy is sought after by many yet hedges exceeding windowsill height give burglars a great screen in which to hide as they gain access to your house. Take a new look at your garden. Make sure sheds are secure, add padlocks on the inside to gates, add pointy deterrents to the top of fences, and invest in climbing thorny plants like roses to deter burglars from climbing to flat roofs to gain access.

You can also use a timer switch to set a sprinkler daily. This is one of the best deterrents there is. If you are away for a while, ask someone to cut your grass, so it looks as though you’re maintaining your home.

Your Valuables

Simple measures such as timer switches for lights or making sure window locks are visible can be enough of a deterrent. However, if you have a 50” LED screen staring the burglar in the face they may think the reward outweighs the risk. Expensive items on display are tempting burglars to enter so put them away somewhere safe. You can put them in the loft or out of sight of the windows or you can turn one room into an impenetrable safe with a security steel door.

A Little Help from Your Friends

The best way to deter burglars while you’re on holiday is to have a friend or neighbour regularly check in on the house. Neighbourhood Watch has changed in recent years and can be an ideal solution as friends will put out your rubbish, collet post and mow the lawn in return for the same favour.

Just a few little changes can ensure you’re not a victim of burglary as nothing spoils a great holiday than coming back to an empty home.

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