Surprise your burglar with a Titan Steel Door

23 Sep
September 23, 2013

You are likely to have more important things on your mind than considering changing your front door entrance, after all it’s done its job for well over ten years, but unfortunately the times are changing as more and more households are experiencing burglaries.

The Facts

While the UK is still in the grip of a recession the number of crimes has increased to 85 homes being broken into each hour.  The British Crime Survey highlights these alarming figures and reported that over 745,000 properties were the target of crime in 2011.  It is also suggested that these figures will only get worse due to the police budget cuts.

These are certainly worrying statistics but you do not need to be a part of this?  You can do something about it today.

Your security

A burglar has lots of experience in breaking in; it’s their day job after all.  So no matter how many locks you have on your door and the quality of these locks may be the best, it can still be forced open as every standard wooden or PVC door has a weak point.

In the back of your mind you probably know that a wooden door and frame is no longer strong enough to withstand a forced entry.

ASL is very proud to offer its customers a solution as they take the security of their customers very seriously.  Our range of Titan steel doors means you can go on holiday, see friends and family and sleep at night with the peace of mind that your Titan steel door will do the job.

But who wants the look of a steel front door; after all it’s not very attractive and may give false opinions of you being over cautious.  This why all our steel doors are covered in a wood of your choice.  With a huge range of woods available including antique oak and mahogany you will have a front door that matches the rest of your exterior.  Plus the burglar would not even know it is a steel door until they try and break in!

A steel door with a wooden covering can prevent facing the aftermath of a burglary

Did you know that most burglaries happen between the hours of 11am and 4pm?  Yes that’s right, in the day rather than at night time when most people expect burglaries to happen.  A typical burglar will tend to knock the door to see if anyone answers and also likely to ask a random person if anyone is in.

If it is highly unlikely that no one is home they will look for the weak point in the door using a screwdriver or crowbar to enable them to pry the door open just enough that a good kick will force the door to give way.

Your burglar will be in for a surprise when they are welcomed by your steel door.  With its 18 hard steel bolts these doors provide optimum security and strength.

Raise your game and do not become a victim of a very personal crime that can leave you feeling vulnerable.

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