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Advantages of installing steel doors in your home

06 Jun
June 6, 2014

Insecurity has of late been a concern when it comes to the safety of your home and your loved ones. You should ensure that your home is well protected so as to ensure the safety of your loved ones and this is only achieved when you invest in strong steel doors that are not easily compromised. Some people prefer wooden doors because of their elegant stature but this is not the safest option to take especially when your intent is to keep burglars out. Steel doors have been known to possess unique and multiple locking systems that are impossible to break. Advantages of installing steel doors in your home include;

They are durable; steel doors are known to withstand adverse weather condition together with the invasion of termites. They are known to last for long without actually diminishing their appearance.

They are secure; this is because of the high quality locks and bolts together with security grilles that are fitted which are practically indestructible. With this, burglars find it hard to crack and this is because they are not easily manipulated as other types of doors.

Maintenance; with steel doors, no maintenance is required so as to keep them in good condition. You tend to save a lot on maintenance issues when you embrace steel doors for your home.

Pricing; steel doors are usually reasonably priced and you will always find one that fits your budget. The security of your home should come at no price which is why you would rather spend a considerable amount of money on this type of door than to have burglars invading your home.

BURGLARY PREVENTION: Advice for Home and Property.

08 Mar
March 8, 2014

Burglary is commonly known as breaking and entering another person’s house with the sole purpose of committing a felony or a crime during a particular period of time of day. According to the definition, breaking and entering is just the first part of the offence as it often leads to more serious crimes. Home burglary is an increasing issue in recent years and it is no wonder many homeowners are looking into investing their money into buying safes, surveillance systems and Steel doors.

Theft is usually the most common reason why a person would burglarise, because burglars majorly target Valuable Assets. Asides theft, Sexual assault is another crime associated with burglary. Females are common victims of this atrocious act but there are also a handful of reported cases of male attacks.

Burglary is usually executed in the drape of darkness this is why the nighttime is the preferred hours of operation. They choose this time because there’s only a very slim chance that they might be seen due to the fact that most people are likely to be sound asleep. But there are times when burglars make their move during daytime when nobody is home.

The following are advisory measures that should be taken into strict considerations to prevent imminent burglaries.

  • Know Your Surroundings

Trees, Bushes and tall grasses in your surroundings are totally disadvantageous to you, especially in your backyard or close to your windows. This makes the burglar’s job easier and yours harder because they commonly use them for cover. It will be advantageous to you to cut down anything that blocks your view.

  • Think Like a Burglar

One of the most important strategies to defeating an opponent is to think like that opponent. Look for all possible weakness and security breach your home might possess before a burglar finds it. Effect immediate changes to all noticed Security breach and weaknesses your home possesses because “A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine”, so avoid Procrastination to this effect.

  • Create a Security Checklist

A security checklist contains all the necessary safety measures you are obligated to perform before leaving your home or going to bed. This list should include a reminder to lock all the doors, close all the windows, leave some lights on etc. A lot of people have loads of things going through their mind at certain intervals during the day and even at night, which is why they tend to forget most of these basic security measures.


Keep Your Valuables Strategically

More often than not, burglary is a crime of opportunity. This means thieves won’t think of robbing you if they can’t find something to rob so it is advisable to keep your valuables in a place where outsiders can’t see them. This is important in robbery and burglary prevention that you don’t attract these criminals because they are very good observers and they often approach houses in a variety of familiar disguise.

Keep an Extra Eye Out

It is advisable to always be on the look-out for strangers lurking around and about your neighborhood. They may be innocent people looking for relatives or friends but robbery and burglary prevention manuals say it’s better to err on the safe side. Call the appropriate authorities and report these strangers to them so their identities can be verified.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

This is one of the oldest yet most logical quotes in life. The backwash of a burglary is known to possess so many negativisms that are capable of causing extensive medical and psychological damages to the once happy life of a victim. It is better to prevent a crime from happening by taking the necessary security measures against it than to face life through the aftermath of the crime.

People often make the mistake of thinking that their homes can’t be broken into or they can’t be stolen from. As unreasonable as this sound, it is strongly suggested that you take the time to look at affordable security steel doors on www.steelsecuritydoors.co.uk and fortify your home today because if it has happened to one, it can happen to all.

A dog may be a man’s best friend but will Alfie keep your home secure?

03 Sep
September 3, 2013

I don’t suspect there is any danger of a dog losing its reputation as “man’s best friend” but most certainly the latest design of panic rooms for homes in London are giving Alfie the dog a run for his money.

Unfortunately even though a dog may be able to deter the postman from putting his hand through your letter box when delivering the post, they cannot provide 24/7 surveillance and keep you and your family members safe if an intruder was to get into your home.

Did you know that according to the latest Metropolitan Police crime figures, London alone has unfortunately had 27,209 burglaries in the period April to July 2013?  This may be a slight decrease of 8.1% from the same period last year but it is still a large number to consider for only four months.

There is a variety of home security systems available, many with multiple motion sensors, CCTV cameras and secure passwords providing limited protection when they are both in and away from home but a titan steel security door is guaranteed to keep you safe.

There are many studies that highlight the large number of advantages available to the average householder in installing a steel security door.  The main and most obvious is there is an enormous reduction in a potential burglary.  Homeowners in London that have a fully functioning security door or panic room are 300 times less likely to experience a break-in or suffer injury in comparison with a neighbour who does not have any security in place.

When you think about the word “panic room” you are very likely to think about the film which stared Jodie Foster in 2002 where she hides in her Manhattan town home.  Within her room she has a number of supplies to keep her safe and secure.

This however is the dramatic and exciting end of a panic room and they are not usually as dangerous as implied in the film.  These panic room or security doors which are a little less dramatic trace back much further than any Jodie Foster film.  In the medieval times they were used to protect feudal lords.

So how does the average panic room/security door work?

Many people assume that having an extra bolt on their door is going to keep them secure but unfortunately the most experienced of intruders can find ways to make their way into your home which is why it is understanding that many people choose to have a security door instead.  There are 18 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the door to ensure when locked it is completely secure.

You can turn any room in the house into a panic room, such as a study, a bedroom or even a bathroom.  It is always worth having a Plan B if an intruder was unfortunately going to get into your home.

Don’t become a part of this statistic; protect your family today with titan steel security doors….

Do We Really Need Panic Rooms in the UK?

24 Apr
April 24, 2013

In the UK we’re quite fortunate as we don’t endure the threat of kidnap that those in the Middle East, Africa and South America do, so why are panic rooms becoming more and more popular?

We can’t reveal who we install steel doors for, as privacy and security is part of our service, yet we can reveal that more and more customers are using our services to make panic rooms out of any room in the house.

It’s always been seen as an extravagant, over the top security measure used only by the very rich, the very famous or the drug barons with a price on their head, yet now people have realised it’s the ultimate secure solution for keeping loved ones safe.

Think back to 2002, to Jodie Foster in the Panic Room. Apart from making you feel old as this was over a decade ago, what else do you remember?

In the US after the film’s release, panic rooms rose in popularity yet here in the UK we couldn’t stretch our imagination to think the same fate would happen to us.

What’s Changed?

Instead of using panic rooms to protect a family against kidnappers, we, in Britain are using them for a whole different reason. Many new  now have panic rooms as standard as it’s not just possessions at stake.

Obviously popular amongst the wealthy now people like us are favouring the panic room too as violence unfortunately becomes the biggest crime committed in the UK, closely followed by vandalism.

Prevention is Better than the Cure

For instance, CCTV cameras are great for capturing a person’s image to use AFTER the deed is done however they do little to prevent the crime in the first place. Many retired couples are now realising that burglars actually wait for them to be home before they attack as they can give access to safes, show them where the money is and be encouraged to do as asked if a partner or family member is used as a threat.

That’s why panic rooms in the Master suites are popular. In seconds families can be secure and the police can be alerted. By the time a burglar even finds the steel security door, the police are already apprehending the suspect red handed.

The Expense

Our customers have found great ways to cut down on the cost of a panic room while ensuring the chosen space is comfortable and fire retardant too. Their new panic rooms not only protect from intruders but from fire. A reassuring though for anyone who lives with loved ones.

They have done this by choosing us to install steel doors internally, to block off one room of the house; you can see how an office has utilised this here.

Not Just for People

This not only gives them a safe place to go to should intruders enter the home, it also keeps valuables safe when the home is left empty, so burglars leave empty handed.

If you think you’d benefit from some extra protection or would sleep easier at night knowing you can keep your family safe in seconds, see the range of steel doors we have on offer.


How Do Your House Numbers Look?

08 Jan
January 8, 2013

You should always remember that you’re a unique individual and you should take advantage of every chance you get to personalize your space. And that’s exactly what we had in mind when we decided to give our clients freedom of choice when it comes to their front doors: we’re offering a wide range of finishes (wood or colour) and we’re also providing a pretty large selection of models, but we’re also perfectly able to deliver a totally custom model.

But there’s even more you can do with something that you may have not even considered before – your house numbers. And there’s more variety than you give them credit when you start thinking about where you can place them: front door, front of the house, mailbox or even in a very unconventional setting. And then there are aspects such as: size, colour, material, font and other design specifics. In general terms, they should be easy to read even from a distance and this depends on size, colour (good contrast) and font (for example, too many swirls can look nice, but if it’s affecting the clarity, it’s not good).

Of course, one of the most popular choices is bras. It really stands out on darker shades and even on whites and it’s the perfect touch when the door comes with a bras doorknob and maybe a bras door knocker.

Ceramic ones can be a lovely touch and there’s no limit to how creative the surrounding design can be, especially if you decide to take things into your own hands and apply a pattern yourself. However, make sure the slates are big enough (and the numbers on them too) and keep in mind that the artistic strokes on the background should be integrated harmoniously in the general landscape and they should also not affect others’ ability to read the numbers.

Or maybe you’d like a plaque, since this can also be an interesting game of contrast between the plaque itself and the numbers on top (regarding both colour and material). You can go for a vintage look with wood or stay on the modern side with shiny metals.

And last, but not least – a new trend and a bold choice – illuminated house numbers. Believe it or not, that speck of bright light can reduce the risk of a break-in. But other than that, they’re sure to pop up (especially if you’re on a street with poor lighting) and you don’t even have to waste precious electricity, because there are solar-powered versions.

So, what do your house numbers look like? Have we stimulated your appetite towards creativity in this area?

A New Year Is About Opening Doors and Closing Doors

03 Jan
January 3, 2013

Not so long ago we told you about the symbolism of doors, but if you missed that article, just keep in mind that in most cultures doors are associated with evolution, in the sense that closing a door is like closing a chapter in your life, while opening doors is like taking on new challenges and exploring new opportunities.

And since a new year is just starting, it’s the perfect time to think about the doors in your life. There’s no better moment than the first days of the year to review past events and decide what is worth keeping and what should be discarded. We recommend you find a suitable emotional block (pretty much the equivalent of our Titan Steel Doors) in order to make sure that those feelings/attitudes/people in our life that bring you no joy become a closed chapter and actually stay that way. As for your new resolutions, set reasonable goals and personalize them to your true needs (a little bit like the act of choosing a model for one of our doors, maybe with some alterations and the almighty personal touch of colour). And for both these processes, give yourself time to go through the motion; after all, even our doors need to be locked three times for the best results.

But this kind of advice is just about all we can do for you in this area. These aspects are about you and require work with yourself. However, we can contribute to your inner peace by keeping you and your home safe from burglary-related traumas and, in general, giving you peace of mind and that warm feeling of security. These are the things we actually control through our commitment to deliver the best products. We’ve been doing this for a very long time and we’ll keep on doing so.

We truly hope you’ll have a wonderful New Year and we hope you’ll manage to bolt shut the doors to negative aspects in your life. On our part, we promise that we’re definitely on the job when it comes to the actual doors in your life. We thank you if you’ve already purchased one of our strong beauties and if you haven’t yet, we hope you’ll be thinking about this too in the next few days. Maybe it’s time you closed the insecurity door in your life with the simple act of putting in a sturdy door.

Door Symbolism

17 Dec
December 17, 2012

Ever since their invention, doors have been more than doors. Do you think we’re kidding? For now let’s just say that the ancient Romans actual had a God, Janus, that was the protector of doors.

Sure, if you’ll ask Wikipedia, you’ll get a standard, lifeless answer – “a door is a movable structure used to open and close an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or spins inside a space”. And even though this pretty much sums it up on a physical level, there’s more to doors than meets the eye.

Looking back in time and looking at different cultures, the door has always been first of all an entrance. On a very metaphorical level, it was an entrance into another world or dimension. And this makes sense even if we stay more grounded. Your door is the entrance to your own world. Going through your front door should be equivalent to focusing on yourself and letting out all the troubles at work and so on.

Then, the door has often been associated with new beginnings and again you’ll probably relate to this with great ease, since you know that your day can basically start all over again once you get home and surround yourself with your personal items and hobbies.

But there’s more to it than just the beginning. It’s also about the transition. That gentle buffer between the outside world and your own personal haven. The border between peace and harm, silence and noise, harmony and chaos.

Of course, just as the door can be a symbol of beginning, it’s also a symbol of the end. You’re probably experiencing this the most on Monday mornings when you know for a fact that locking that door and going to work means the week-end’s over. Or if you’ve ever experienced moving out of a place or leaving a job, you can surely remember that special feeling you had when you last closed that specific door. It was also the act of closing a chapter in your life, wasn’t it?

Last, but surely not least, your front door is a symbol of your home and it’s also saying something about you, too. The colour you chose, the design, the door knocker, the peep-hole and every element in its structure can say something about you. And if you decided to get a door from us, know that you’ll be more than able to express yourself, since our models can be very flexible.

For us, the symbolism of doors is first and foremost connected to the idea of your home’s security. With that thought comes great responsibility and that’s why we’re so committed to offering our clients the strongest alternatives available. Be sure you make a wise choice about your front door, or else some random burglar might show up some day and break down your entrance, shatter the border between your haven and the rest of the world and damage your personal space.


Locksmiths Who Changed History

11 Dec
December 11, 2012

We are perfectly aware that no matter how strong a door’s structure is one of the most important security aspects is the locking mechanism. And it is this awareness that made us develop a sophisticated system with a special security cylinder, a special lock, a unique key registered system, the possibility to turn the key in the lock 3 times (thus managing to take our bolts inside the frame deeper than any other model) and the 18 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel doors which simultaneously engage into the solid steel door frame.

But these things didn’t happen overnight. The locking systems have been evolving for a couple of hundred years and we decided it’s important to look back and remember the great men who worked hard for our security today.

The pioneer of modern locking systems is considered by most to be one of our own Englishmen – Robert Barron. In 1778 he invented the double tumbler lock. His impressive skills that originated both in his mind and hands helped him achieve this major breakthrough – the first big step after the classic pin lock.

Only 6 years later, in 1784, Joseph Bramah, also an Englishman, invented the Bramah lock, which remained un-pickable for 67 years. In 1851, Alfred Charles Hobbs spent about 50 hours to break the Bramah lock and he succeeded. But as for every aspect of evolution, vulnerability meant an opportunity for progress.

So in 1848, Linus Yale Senior invented a pin-tumbler lock, and his son, Linus Yale Junior, kept improving the system, creating the basis of what we know today as pin-tumbler locks by using a small, flat key with serrated edges. This happened in 1861 and by 1862 he also invented the modern combination lock.

In 1857 James Sargent invented the first customizable lock, specifically the first key-changeable combination lock (well, at least the first successful one). And he kept perfecting his system and even managed to create a time lock mechanism in 1873.

In 1916 Samuel Segal invented the first locks that were crowbar-resistant, so he too played an important role in this story.

As time went by, systems became more and more complex, according to the new threats. And basically that’s how history goes – innovation, problem, solution. That’s the circle of evolution and in modern times this circle is closing and opening again faster and faster. The future is probably in bio metric security solutions, but we’re not quite there yet. And while great minds still work on perfecting that, right now we’re proud to be offering one of the most effective home security systems on the market today.

Famous Door Knockers in London

10 Dec
December 10, 2012

Modern people don’t care as much about door knockers as they used to. We have intercoms and electric buzzers so the classic door knockers aren’t really useful anymore. But in their golden years they were not only about utility. They could have been a pure form of art and actually London had quite a few famous door knockers.

Probably the most beautiful door knocker in London is Duke’s of Devonshire at No. 80, Piccadilly  It is said that it was made at his command and based on his own designs and many of his guests liked it so much that they wanted a duplicate. Although there’s no certainty towards the existence of these duplicates, the beautiful detailed face and the lovely border locked in a circle complete each other into one truly special piece of door knocker.

Although simpler in design, the door knocker at No. 17, Doughty Street is also a very well known one. It was the property of Charles Dickens and it was a symbol of his happy early years of marriage, because this was the place where he and his young bride moved from Furnival’s Inn. Naturally, it was also a witness of Charles Dickens the younger’s birth and it was also there during the times when the author made his first contacts with the great men of his time.

And since we’re talking about Charles Dickens, know that another famous door knocker is at No. 8, Craven Street. However, unlike most of the other well known objects in his category, this one is not famous because it was owned by a celebrity. No, not at all. Instead, this one is said to have inspired the famous character Scrooge in Christmas Carol.

But wait, there’s another one that’s somewhat related to Dickens. It’s actually one that was touched quite often by the author in his early years, when he was not yet famous and visited Thomas Carlyle a lot. The author of “Sartor Resartus” resided in Cheyne Row, Chelsea and lived there for five decades. Throughout all this time, the faithful lion head held the knocker and, at least for the first decade, it announced the visits of Forster, Serjeant Talfourd, Maclise, Macready, Landor, Leigh Hunt, and Thackeray.

Our door knockers are not as complex and the truth is that there is no special demand on the market for them today. Just as almost every other element in design, it tends towards minimalism. However, they’re a beautiful reminiscent of the past and deserve to be remembered as such. Of course, if you want to, we can put a door knocker on your custom design, but these days it’s easier to stand out through a great variety of door models and colors  combined with your own personal touches. And by the way, you can see our gallery here.

Burglary,Creek Road,Deptford,London,SE8 08/12/2012

09 Dec
December 9, 2012



It beggars belief But even a church Is a target for a burglar.This particular church was attacked Over the weekend The main entrance door was forced open and several internal doors were smashed to pieces.