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The Benefits of installing a Steel Door

12 Feb
February 12, 2014


When picturing a luxurious home or holiday you probably don’t consider the doorways however next time you’re a guest in a prestigious hotel or staying in a private mansion take a look at the doors.

You’ll find there’s much more than meets the eye.

Most modern hotels of 4stars plus now have the added luxury of a steel door for their rooms. Even if this extra isn’t available for every guest it’s almost certain it will be for those staying in the upper decks, suites or honeymoon rooms.

It’s so common these days that you probably take it for granted, noting only the weight of the hotel room door as one of you holds it open while the other fetches the luggage. You’ll be all too familiar with the scene where you fumble with a key card as you precariously balance your bags, slotting it into the wall so you can benefit from some light.

You’ll also remember times when you or a family member has popped outside for a second only to be left stranded without your key as the door closes swiftly behind leaving you locked out of the room.

These may seem like slight annoyances yet the steel doors of hotels give back so much more so these small facts can be ignored.

Why Does Steel Suggest Luxury?

We all know the expression that first impressions count, and the entrance to your hotel room is no different. Immediately, before you’ve even unlocked the door you are rewarded with a sense of safety and security.

Step Inside

Once inside, with the steel door as your boundary you can be confident your privacy is protected as no one can simply drop in without a key.

Sleep Soundly

Steel doors, although revered for security are also incredible at soundproofing a room so once you’re inside you can talk without being overheard and sleep soundly without the noisy hen party across the hall waking you up!

Fight Fire

Capable of resisting extreme temperatures, the steel door is ideal for keeping you safe in the event of a fire. In a hotel fitted with high quality steel doors, even if the hall outside is on fire, you’re unlikely to experience the heat or the smoke through the door. Of course following procedure and getting out of the building altogether is the key but this does provide extra peace of mind.

Don’t be a Hero

Nobody wants to be in a siege situation like in the popular series of 24 but it’s nice to know that if the hotel was ever under attack you wouldn’t have to adopt Jack Bauer’s bravery as the steel door will keep you safe.

The door will ensure no tools, bullets, weapons or flames penetrate making your hotel room the sanctuary you deserve it to be, no matter what happens on the outside.

It certainly shows why steel doors are now common procedure for new hotel builds or refurbishments as they add the extra luxury, privacy and security that every holidaymaker deserves.

Your Door versus a Stylish Steel Door Covered in Luxury Wood

24 Jan
January 24, 2014

A door is an important part of the house you cannot afford to ignore. The door is usually a gateway into your home and is therefore the pillar of your home security. Some people tend to over concentrate on the beauty of a door and forget crucial security fundamentals that should exist on any door. The cases of London burglary have gone high and therefore home owners need to pay more attention to the type of doors they are using for their homes. Recent cases have shown quite a number of London suburbs are experiencing burglaries even during the day, this brings into focus the need for home owners to choose the right types of doors.

Your house has important valuables you have spent a lot of money purchasing. Getting the right type of door that allows you to leave your home without having to worry about security issues is a wise decision. Wooden doors are very common but what many don’t know is they are very easy to break into. Quite a number of households have suffered from cases of burglary because of lack of strong doors that have enhanced security capabilities to keep thieves out of the house.

The good news is that it is possible to have both style and security incorporated into your door. As much as it is good to have stylish doors, you need to make sure that they come with extra security enforcement that makes it difficult for unauthorised access. With the high rate of home break-ins in London, several London burglary companies have been set up to offer help to clients and advice on the best way to keep a home safe.

Nowadays, steel doors have emerged as the clear favourites especially for countering cases of burglary. These doors come with enhanced security features such as steel bolts that make it very difficult for thieves to penetrate. If you have an ordinary door that you feel is not strong enough to provide adequate security, you need to find a company that deals with door replacement services. Here, you can either choose to have your door reinforced with advanced security features or have your door completely removed and replaced with a new one. You should know that wooden doors have limited security provisions and therefore make it quite simple for a burglary to take place.

Having a secure door does not mean you should opt for ugly looking doors. There are many stylish doors which come in various designs that clients can choose from. It’s time for those neighbourhoods experiencing burglaries to step up and acquire secure doors that allow one to have a peace of mind. With proper internet research, it is quite easy to find a variety of London burglary companies.

Once again you can clearly see how pathetic a wooden door is when it comes to a burglar, take the first step get a TITAN security door fitted ASAP, visit our website o see our burglary gallery–>  http://steelsecuritydoors.co.uk/category/burglary-gallery/burglaries-in-london/

Stay safe!


Steel Door Myths Debunked

31 May
May 31, 2013

When we picture Steel Doors we often think of huge hunks of metal that adorn commercial buildings. Of course many business premises and banks understand the importance of the security of steel, yet now they’re aesthetically pleasing for homeowners too.

Worryingly burglars are becoming more like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible as they advance as fast as technology using gadgetry to secure entry quickly and without fuss.

As locks become more sophisticated and windows impossible to break it’s the doors that receive the damage with many being sliced in half. See our gallery here…

In order to maintain elegance, a welcoming entrance and style without compromising on security many are turning to steel doors, yet many factors put people off.

Here are the myths that prevent some choosing the most secure, attractive, stylish door for their homes.

Myth: They Weigh too Much

Fact: Yes the steel doors are heavy; this of course adds to the strength that gives maximum security however homeowners won’t feel the weight. They are fitted with precision so the operation feels as light as a feather – the beauty of modern technology!

Myth: They Are Difficult to Operate

Fact: You’d be forgiven for thinking that with so many locks and bars the doors are difficult to operate, yet everything runs very smoothly ensuring the key holder can open the door with ease but a burglar cannot. You’ll find operation much smoother than your current door!

Myth: I Can’t Have a Cat Flap

Fact: We can supply a door with a cat flap that allows your feline friend to come and go as she pleases without compromising the security of the door.

Myth: A Letterbox Compromises Security

Fact: Some of our steel doors come with letterboxes so you can receive mail securely too. These will accept standard sized letters but even if a burglar could get a hand through they wouldn’t be able to penetrate the locked door. This is because the steel is so strong on both sides that nothing but the correct key will let unwanted visitors in.

Myth: They’re Not Modern

Fact: It’s true that many of our steel doors are traditional, just like the one at No.10 Downing Street as they encompass the classic posh style of solid wood. However we also have contemporary doors for those who like to embrace modern trends, you’ll be surprised by the styles in our gallery!

Myth: They Block Out All the Light

Fact: Few front doors have glass panels, as the inner hall is rarely a place where people congregate and so natural light is normally not an issue, however for those who like lots of light we’ve incorporated glass into some of our doors.

Now you can have the security of the steel door along with bullet proof impenetrable glass, so you can see the light!

If there are any other reasons that deter you from choosing a steel door for securing your home, get in touch and let us see if we can debunk the myth!

You Don’t Have to Compromise Style for Security

17 Apr
April 17, 2013

It’s no secret that steel doors are the number one way to stop intruders gaining access to your home as wood just isn’t strong enough.  As locks increase in quality and strength now many burglars simple saw through a wooden door to gain access.

Bizarrely the majority of home owners wouldn’t consider wooden doors for their garages as they know this wouldn’t be the safest way to store their precious motor, yet when it comes to the home it seems the security of the family is lower on the priority list. This may be because of the preconceptions about steel doors that keep you secure.

When you mention security steel doors to homeowners, generally their eyes may cloud over as they imagine huge metal constructions that make their home look like an impenetrable prison.  We’ve worked hard to bring you the best doors to complement all tastes and styles. Many don’t even look like they’re made from metal at all, which gives you peace of mind, keeps burglars out and enhances the look of your home.

What’s your Style?

No matter what your style, there’s a security steel door for you. Protecting your family shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing your style or the warm welcome of your home. Here are some ideas for security steel doors to match all home types.


Our real wood doors are ideal for those who live in period properties as they mirror the most popular eras allowing you to match the steel door to your home, maintaining the history and preserving the personality of the history too. For example:

Art Deco

A movement that happened in the 1920’s our arts and crafts doors are ideal as they show the trademark linear designs and encapsulate the semi circles that are synonymous with this era. See K04, TK4 or SK42.


The Victorian era is now considered antique as it is over 100 years ago. This was when design began to become simplified while still portraying delicate craftsmanship and quality materials. Our range of real wood panelled doors reflect this era beautifully. For example SK18, TW 2 GQK6


The Edwardian era favoured the darker woods with a little more detail much like our doors SK 21 and TK 5. See the scrolls in the former? This represents the hand carving the Edwardian joiners were famous for.


Our security steel doors lend themselves brilliantly to Tudor times as this era favoured large heavy doors that were impenetrable. We’ve added a modern twist with ours that encapsulates what we know of Tudor times to add a little more detail. See TA 08 and T 19.


There are of course many to complement new builds or contemporary homes. Each design has been specially developed to not only protect your home but to make it look amazing too.

Famous Doors of the World – The Florence Baptistery

21 Jan
January 21, 2013

You probably realized by now that we’re very passionate about our doors, but we’re also interested in other people’s work, especially if it’s something really great. And when it comes to greatness, there’s no craftsmanship in the world that beats the doors of the Florence Baptistery. They are a true work of art, built over 27 years by Medieval Europe’s greatest sculptors and bronze smiths.

The Florence Baptistery is one of the oldest buildings in Florence (Italy) and it was built somewhere between 1059 and 1128. It is famous for a number of remarkable architectural aspects such as the mosaic ceiling, but first of all for its doors.

The South Doors (initially designed for the Eastern section) were the first and they were created by Andrea Pisaro during a period of 6 years (between 1300 and 1306). These beautiful bronze giants are made up of 28 panels, each containing aspects of John the Baptist’s life and the eight virtues (Hope, Faith, Charity, Humility, Fortitude, Temperance, Justice and Prudence).

The North Doors were the work of Lorenzo Ghiberti and it actually took 23 years to complete them (1401-1424), probably because somewhere in the process the artist was asked to change the theme from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

The East Doors, also known as the “Gates of Paradise”, were also Ghiberti’s work and needed 27 years to be completed (1425-1452). If you were to visit Florence tomorrow you would only see a replica, but the original doors are kept inside the Museo Dell’Opera Del Duomo and have been so since 1990 while undergoing a process of restoration. The 10 panels that compose the “Gates of Paradise” are all inspired by the Old Testament: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, The drunkenness of Noah, Abraham and Isaac, Esau and Jacob, Joseph, Moses and the 10 commandments, The fall of Jericho, David and Goliath, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. What is truly remarkable about these, even more so than the other two sets of doors, is the detail of the sculptures and the highlights that make you feel as if the scenes come to life.

Of course, standards really have changed over time and no beauty in design could make a customer patient enough to wait for a door for 27 years, or even 6 years. But on the other hand people these days don’t need actual works of art to guard their valuables. Modern times call for security and lucky you, we’re also thinking about beauty, so we’re wrapping strength into lovely designs. We’re not promising bronze sculptures, but you won’t be disappointed either!


A Special Door Is Part of Any Good Luxury Design

24 Dec
December 24, 2012


When people think about home luxury designs, they’re usually thinking about architecture, open spaces, lights, expensive fabrics and unique finishing touches, from lamps to ornaments. But no house can be complete without a front door. And we dare add – a good front door.
Now, be honest, isn’t this the case for you? We bet you’re not thinking about the door as much as you should be when it comes to design and proof of this stand the results of a random inquiry on a search engine. What did we find?
Well, it seems that wallpaper is fashionable again, provided you don’t put it in every room and you opt for texture and patterns.
Blues and greens are the sure wins for the times ahead.
Applied moldings are more and more popular and enthusiasts believe that these things can totally transform a room by highlighting certain areas and definitely classing up the room.
Then there’s a fine balance you should reach between going Eco-friendly and turning your home into an automated machine.
And dear Lord, people are even thinking about kitchen counters when it comes to luxury design, and if you’re curious, know that granite is still a decent trend, but bolder patterns are preferable.
Since we’re talking about materials, keep in mind that mixing them up in your bathroom seems to be a must. And whatever you buy and however you combine, the SPA ambiance is a desired effect and the soaking bath tub can’t hurt.
As for the other rooms, dens and formal living rooms are loosing ground. They don’t seem to fit their purpose in our current modern lifestyle, so they’re turning into what specialists call “flex rooms”, basically spaces designed to satisfy different activities, whether they sometimes turn into an office, a hang out room and so on. Or you can take it to the next level and turn that dining room into a “multi-generational living space” – mini-flats built in a home, with a bathroom and tiny kitchen included.
As you can see, nobody’s thinking about the front door, and it’s quite a shame because your front door can make or break the overall look of your house. Lucky you, we’re thinking about front doors and we made sure we’ve got lots of models to choose from. Further more, we’re always open to make custom models and, since we found out that blues and greens are on the rise, we’re proud to say that we’ve got lots of shades that fit these 2 chromatic areas. And about that exotic novelty called “multi-generational living space”, if you’re considering the idea, why not make it a panic room and fit in a proper door?

Door Symbolism

17 Dec
December 17, 2012

Ever since their invention, doors have been more than doors. Do you think we’re kidding? For now let’s just say that the ancient Romans actual had a God, Janus, that was the protector of doors.

Sure, if you’ll ask Wikipedia, you’ll get a standard, lifeless answer – “a door is a movable structure used to open and close an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or spins inside a space”. And even though this pretty much sums it up on a physical level, there’s more to doors than meets the eye.

Looking back in time and looking at different cultures, the door has always been first of all an entrance. On a very metaphorical level, it was an entrance into another world or dimension. And this makes sense even if we stay more grounded. Your door is the entrance to your own world. Going through your front door should be equivalent to focusing on yourself and letting out all the troubles at work and so on.

Then, the door has often been associated with new beginnings and again you’ll probably relate to this with great ease, since you know that your day can basically start all over again once you get home and surround yourself with your personal items and hobbies.

But there’s more to it than just the beginning. It’s also about the transition. That gentle buffer between the outside world and your own personal haven. The border between peace and harm, silence and noise, harmony and chaos.

Of course, just as the door can be a symbol of beginning, it’s also a symbol of the end. You’re probably experiencing this the most on Monday mornings when you know for a fact that locking that door and going to work means the week-end’s over. Or if you’ve ever experienced moving out of a place or leaving a job, you can surely remember that special feeling you had when you last closed that specific door. It was also the act of closing a chapter in your life, wasn’t it?

Last, but surely not least, your front door is a symbol of your home and it’s also saying something about you, too. The colour you chose, the design, the door knocker, the peep-hole and every element in its structure can say something about you. And if you decided to get a door from us, know that you’ll be more than able to express yourself, since our models can be very flexible.

For us, the symbolism of doors is first and foremost connected to the idea of your home’s security. With that thought comes great responsibility and that’s why we’re so committed to offering our clients the strongest alternatives available. Be sure you make a wise choice about your front door, or else some random burglar might show up some day and break down your entrance, shatter the border between your haven and the rest of the world and damage your personal space.


Locksmiths Who Changed History

11 Dec
December 11, 2012

We are perfectly aware that no matter how strong a door’s structure is one of the most important security aspects is the locking mechanism. And it is this awareness that made us develop a sophisticated system with a special security cylinder, a special lock, a unique key registered system, the possibility to turn the key in the lock 3 times (thus managing to take our bolts inside the frame deeper than any other model) and the 18 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel doors which simultaneously engage into the solid steel door frame.

But these things didn’t happen overnight. The locking systems have been evolving for a couple of hundred years and we decided it’s important to look back and remember the great men who worked hard for our security today.

The pioneer of modern locking systems is considered by most to be one of our own Englishmen – Robert Barron. In 1778 he invented the double tumbler lock. His impressive skills that originated both in his mind and hands helped him achieve this major breakthrough – the first big step after the classic pin lock.

Only 6 years later, in 1784, Joseph Bramah, also an Englishman, invented the Bramah lock, which remained un-pickable for 67 years. In 1851, Alfred Charles Hobbs spent about 50 hours to break the Bramah lock and he succeeded. But as for every aspect of evolution, vulnerability meant an opportunity for progress.

So in 1848, Linus Yale Senior invented a pin-tumbler lock, and his son, Linus Yale Junior, kept improving the system, creating the basis of what we know today as pin-tumbler locks by using a small, flat key with serrated edges. This happened in 1861 and by 1862 he also invented the modern combination lock.

In 1857 James Sargent invented the first customizable lock, specifically the first key-changeable combination lock (well, at least the first successful one). And he kept perfecting his system and even managed to create a time lock mechanism in 1873.

In 1916 Samuel Segal invented the first locks that were crowbar-resistant, so he too played an important role in this story.

As time went by, systems became more and more complex, according to the new threats. And basically that’s how history goes – innovation, problem, solution. That’s the circle of evolution and in modern times this circle is closing and opening again faster and faster. The future is probably in bio metric security solutions, but we’re not quite there yet. And while great minds still work on perfecting that, right now we’re proud to be offering one of the most effective home security systems on the market today.

Famous Door Knockers in London

10 Dec
December 10, 2012

Modern people don’t care as much about door knockers as they used to. We have intercoms and electric buzzers so the classic door knockers aren’t really useful anymore. But in their golden years they were not only about utility. They could have been a pure form of art and actually London had quite a few famous door knockers.

Probably the most beautiful door knocker in London is Duke’s of Devonshire at No. 80, Piccadilly  It is said that it was made at his command and based on his own designs and many of his guests liked it so much that they wanted a duplicate. Although there’s no certainty towards the existence of these duplicates, the beautiful detailed face and the lovely border locked in a circle complete each other into one truly special piece of door knocker.

Although simpler in design, the door knocker at No. 17, Doughty Street is also a very well known one. It was the property of Charles Dickens and it was a symbol of his happy early years of marriage, because this was the place where he and his young bride moved from Furnival’s Inn. Naturally, it was also a witness of Charles Dickens the younger’s birth and it was also there during the times when the author made his first contacts with the great men of his time.

And since we’re talking about Charles Dickens, know that another famous door knocker is at No. 8, Craven Street. However, unlike most of the other well known objects in his category, this one is not famous because it was owned by a celebrity. No, not at all. Instead, this one is said to have inspired the famous character Scrooge in Christmas Carol.

But wait, there’s another one that’s somewhat related to Dickens. It’s actually one that was touched quite often by the author in his early years, when he was not yet famous and visited Thomas Carlyle a lot. The author of “Sartor Resartus” resided in Cheyne Row, Chelsea and lived there for five decades. Throughout all this time, the faithful lion head held the knocker and, at least for the first decade, it announced the visits of Forster, Serjeant Talfourd, Maclise, Macready, Landor, Leigh Hunt, and Thackeray.

Our door knockers are not as complex and the truth is that there is no special demand on the market for them today. Just as almost every other element in design, it tends towards minimalism. However, they’re a beautiful reminiscent of the past and deserve to be remembered as such. Of course, if you want to, we can put a door knocker on your custom design, but these days it’s easier to stand out through a great variety of door models and colors  combined with your own personal touches. And by the way, you can see our gallery here.

Titan Steel Doors – Fire-proof Doors

26 Nov
November 26, 2012

As you have probably seen on our website, we take great pride in the fact that our doors are complying with the new Europe-wide fire resistance standard BS EN 1634-1 (which replaced the previous British Standard for fire resistance). Actually, we felt that this was so important that we insisted on making a special section for this characteristic on steelsecuritydoors.co.uk. And since we chose to talk more about the test on that particular section, we thought our blog should contain a bit more information on the subject.

First of all, what is a fire door? It’s basically a part o a passive fire protection system meant to reduce the spread of fire/smoke. So even though it’s not actually stopping the fire, it helps preventing  the spread. And if you’re living in an apartment building or you’re purchasing the door for your office you’re probably even more aware of the importance of this aspect. If an unfortunate event would cause a fire in your apartment/office, surely you wouldn’t need the extra responsibility of your neighbours’ losses.

Every fire door has a fire-resistance rating, which is basically the duration for which it can withstand a standard resistance test. However, even though resistance in time is very important, there are other aspects that are important such as: integrity, insulation and load-bearing capacity. A certain amount of damage caused by combustion during exposure is to be expected, but the structure and materials are meant to prevent the spread of fire.

Fire resistance tests are carried out at independent, national accredited laboratories and the tests made on our doors showed that they can hold back flames for more than a full half an hour, and this in extreme conditions of 600oC or even 800 oC.

Obviously, when we are talking about our doors, we’re considering the whole ensemble, including the frame and even the installation process. We only work with qualified personnel that can correctly install your door so that you can be sure that you’re getting a maximum benefit from your purchase. Incorrect installation can make even the best doors less resilient and less effective when it comes to fire resistance.

So you might say that our doors guard both your valuables and your neighbors . We’re driven only by our clients’ needs for quality products and that’s why we didn’t stop at making doors that are burglary-proof. We also made them look good and fire resistant!