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Door Symbolism

17 Dec
December 17, 2012

Ever since their invention, doors have been more than doors. Do you think we’re kidding? For now let’s just say that the ancient Romans actual had a God, Janus, that was the protector of doors.

Sure, if you’ll ask Wikipedia, you’ll get a standard, lifeless answer – “a door is a movable structure used to open and close an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or spins inside a space”. And even though this pretty much sums it up on a physical level, there’s more to doors than meets the eye.

Looking back in time and looking at different cultures, the door has always been first of all an entrance. On a very metaphorical level, it was an entrance into another world or dimension. And this makes sense even if we stay more grounded. Your door is the entrance to your own world. Going through your front door should be equivalent to focusing on yourself and letting out all the troubles at work and so on.

Then, the door has often been associated with new beginnings and again you’ll probably relate to this with great ease, since you know that your day can basically start all over again once you get home and surround yourself with your personal items and hobbies.

But there’s more to it than just the beginning. It’s also about the transition. That gentle buffer between the outside world and your own personal haven. The border between peace and harm, silence and noise, harmony and chaos.

Of course, just as the door can be a symbol of beginning, it’s also a symbol of the end. You’re probably experiencing this the most on Monday mornings when you know for a fact that locking that door and going to work means the week-end’s over. Or if you’ve ever experienced moving out of a place or leaving a job, you can surely remember that special feeling you had when you last closed that specific door. It was also the act of closing a chapter in your life, wasn’t it?

Last, but surely not least, your front door is a symbol of your home and it’s also saying something about you, too. The colour you chose, the design, the door knocker, the peep-hole and every element in its structure can say something about you. And if you decided to get a door from us, know that you’ll be more than able to express yourself, since our models can be very flexible.

For us, the symbolism of doors is first and foremost connected to the idea of your home’s security. With that thought comes great responsibility and that’s why we’re so committed to offering our clients the strongest alternatives available. Be sure you make a wise choice about your front door, or else some random burglar might show up some day and break down your entrance, shatter the border between your haven and the rest of the world and damage your personal space.


Locksmiths Who Changed History

11 Dec
December 11, 2012

We are perfectly aware that no matter how strong a door’s structure is one of the most important security aspects is the locking mechanism. And it is this awareness that made us develop a sophisticated system with a special security cylinder, a special lock, a unique key registered system, the possibility to turn the key in the lock 3 times (thus managing to take our bolts inside the frame deeper than any other model) and the 18 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel doors which simultaneously engage into the solid steel door frame.

But these things didn’t happen overnight. The locking systems have been evolving for a couple of hundred years and we decided it’s important to look back and remember the great men who worked hard for our security today.

The pioneer of modern locking systems is considered by most to be one of our own Englishmen – Robert Barron. In 1778 he invented the double tumbler lock. His impressive skills that originated both in his mind and hands helped him achieve this major breakthrough – the first big step after the classic pin lock.

Only 6 years later, in 1784, Joseph Bramah, also an Englishman, invented the Bramah lock, which remained un-pickable for 67 years. In 1851, Alfred Charles Hobbs spent about 50 hours to break the Bramah lock and he succeeded. But as for every aspect of evolution, vulnerability meant an opportunity for progress.

So in 1848, Linus Yale Senior invented a pin-tumbler lock, and his son, Linus Yale Junior, kept improving the system, creating the basis of what we know today as pin-tumbler locks by using a small, flat key with serrated edges. This happened in 1861 and by 1862 he also invented the modern combination lock.

In 1857 James Sargent invented the first customizable lock, specifically the first key-changeable combination lock (well, at least the first successful one). And he kept perfecting his system and even managed to create a time lock mechanism in 1873.

In 1916 Samuel Segal invented the first locks that were crowbar-resistant, so he too played an important role in this story.

As time went by, systems became more and more complex, according to the new threats. And basically that’s how history goes – innovation, problem, solution. That’s the circle of evolution and in modern times this circle is closing and opening again faster and faster. The future is probably in bio metric security solutions, but we’re not quite there yet. And while great minds still work on perfecting that, right now we’re proud to be offering one of the most effective home security systems on the market today.

Famous Door Knockers in London

10 Dec
December 10, 2012

Modern people don’t care as much about door knockers as they used to. We have intercoms and electric buzzers so the classic door knockers aren’t really useful anymore. But in their golden years they were not only about utility. They could have been a pure form of art and actually London had quite a few famous door knockers.

Probably the most beautiful door knocker in London is Duke’s of Devonshire at No. 80, Piccadilly  It is said that it was made at his command and based on his own designs and many of his guests liked it so much that they wanted a duplicate. Although there’s no certainty towards the existence of these duplicates, the beautiful detailed face and the lovely border locked in a circle complete each other into one truly special piece of door knocker.

Although simpler in design, the door knocker at No. 17, Doughty Street is also a very well known one. It was the property of Charles Dickens and it was a symbol of his happy early years of marriage, because this was the place where he and his young bride moved from Furnival’s Inn. Naturally, it was also a witness of Charles Dickens the younger’s birth and it was also there during the times when the author made his first contacts with the great men of his time.

And since we’re talking about Charles Dickens, know that another famous door knocker is at No. 8, Craven Street. However, unlike most of the other well known objects in his category, this one is not famous because it was owned by a celebrity. No, not at all. Instead, this one is said to have inspired the famous character Scrooge in Christmas Carol.

But wait, there’s another one that’s somewhat related to Dickens. It’s actually one that was touched quite often by the author in his early years, when he was not yet famous and visited Thomas Carlyle a lot. The author of “Sartor Resartus” resided in Cheyne Row, Chelsea and lived there for five decades. Throughout all this time, the faithful lion head held the knocker and, at least for the first decade, it announced the visits of Forster, Serjeant Talfourd, Maclise, Macready, Landor, Leigh Hunt, and Thackeray.

Our door knockers are not as complex and the truth is that there is no special demand on the market for them today. Just as almost every other element in design, it tends towards minimalism. However, they’re a beautiful reminiscent of the past and deserve to be remembered as such. Of course, if you want to, we can put a door knocker on your custom design, but these days it’s easier to stand out through a great variety of door models and colors  combined with your own personal touches. And by the way, you can see our gallery here.

What Signals Are You Sending?

24 Nov
November 24, 2012


We’re proud to have helped so many people avoid getting robbed and we’re proud to tell anyone that it’s practically impossible to break down one of our doors thanks to: the 2 mm Galvanized frame, the 3 mm steel tube that composes the wing frame, the 1,5 mm of steel that compose the wing skeleton, the central lock cylinder that provides a 14 steel bolt locking system which acts in 3 directions, the drill proof barrel, the registered key system, the security mechanism on the frame that prevents any widening attempts and the steel hinges.

Unfortunately, the front door is not the only important aspect that you should consider when thinking about your home’s security. But we want you to be safe, and that’s why we’re sharing with you a couple of useful tips, based on the confessions of professional burglars.

First of all, it’s good to know your neighborhood and keep an eye out for any new suspicious faces. A burglar once said that he does his best to never look like a crook, so he can be walking around dressed like any other person or disguised as a handy man. It’s also likely that under his disguise he’ll knock at your door and if you’ll answer he’ll ask for directions or offer his services as a handy man for cover. And by the way, you should also choose wisely the handy men that actually enter your home, since a person who’s already seen the inside of your house has a better idea on your assets and exit/entry points.

Then, it’s very important to think about what you’re leaving around your yard. Regarding this, mail should be on the top of your list, even if you’re going away for a while. Cancel subscriptions or ask a neighbor to pick them up. Burglars might even leave a flyer in your mail just to see how long it takes for it to disappear. Next on this list should be toys left behind by your children – if there’s an abundance lying around, a burglar might get the impression that they have plenty of choices inside, including expensive electronic games, and furthermore it’s probably a sign that you’re not actually on a tight budget, so there are plenty of valuables inside.

As for other things that can be seen and shouldn’t  your alarm code – if your front door has an ornamental glass section, make sure your code is not visible through that section from the outside; your assets – make sure there’s not a lot that can be seen from the outside looking in and it’s always a good idea to draw your curtains as soon as it’s time to turn the lights on; any sign of recklessness – for example, if you’re leaving in a hurry and forget to lock your door, there’s a possibility that a burglar’s on the job and notices this.

So think about the signals you’re sending. We guarantee that our doors are burglar-proof, but if you make it worth their while, burglars will be very motivated to get in and they’ll find other ways – breaking a window is not hard at all, using the chimney is not uncommon and they keep getting more and more creative.


Front Door Designs

07 Nov
November 7, 2012

Just like your choice for the colour, the design of your front door should say something about you, while enhancing the overall architecture. However, there are no strict rules about what goes with what, but when you’ll see the options you’ll know what feels right or not.

The most common door design is the single door, whether it’s opening to the left or to the right or it’s swinging in or out of your home.

The double door is basically a unit formed by the combination of two doors, and it’s usually available in a French door design, or a patio door design. The French door is the most frequent choice of the two and it’s made so that the doors open from the center  However, it’s not necessary for both doors to open, one side being stationary in a lot of cases. This design is usually enriched with glass. The patio door is a lot like the French door, but it has a mull strip (a stationary part) where the two doors meet. The “ center mull” is useful for security reasons, but a pain when moving furniture.

Center hinge doors also look a lot like French doors, but must have a stationary side, and this makes the door open from the left/right rather than the center.

Triple or Quad doors are a combination of 3 or 4 mobile and stationary doors, and according to your desired pattern they can become a lot like French doors and open from the center, or not.

Sliding doors are not an option for a front door, but always a good idea for a back door to the garden, since it allows the most glass space.

Clear glass can be available with any grid configuration you can think of. The grids can be placed between two layers of glass for easy cleaning, outside or you can forget about them altogether. However, clear glass may not be the best security choice, since outsiders can see in.

Obscure glass is available nowadays in a great variety of types and it’s basically a textured glass that provides you with privacy, while still letting the sunlight in.

Leaded patterned glass consists of different combinations of obscure glass, beveled clear glass and caming (a metal available in different colors like black, bronze, silver or copper). It can be a compromising solution between privacy and lighting, since you can opt for a small portion of clear glass for your visibility, and multiple textured glass sections for more lighting and a creative design.

Except for sliding doors which, to be honest, can’t provide you with an appropriate level of security, we can make any kind of design. You can choose from the most popular ones here, you can opt for keeping your current design, or you can come with a completely innovative idea. We’ll make it look good, and we’ll maximize your home’s security while doing this.

How Does a Steel Door Protect You?

22 Oct
October 22, 2012


Burglary is for most people a common noun. It’s something that they can define as being a crime, an act of breaking an entry. It’s easy to assume that it’s not an enjoyable experience since it results in a financial loss and it’s basically an unwanted complication to anybody’s life.

Unfortunately, a burglary is much more than that. It’s an invasion of your private space. It’s a violation of your intimacy. And its consequences spread beyond the financial aspects. It’s not an easy thing to understand, and since true understanding comes with actual experience, it would actually be best if few to no people would find out what it’s all about.

But prevention is always better than the cure, so we’ll try to guide you through a mental exercise. Think about an object you cherish. It may be something you have inherited, or something that reminds you of someone/something or it may even be an object that you worked very hard to get. Let’s assume that you have insurance and regardless of how cheap or expensive that object might have been, your financial loss will be covered. But when that object gets broken or simply disappears, your emotional bond with whatever it stood for will also be hurt. And it surely won’t help that the one who broke it or took it away was far from being well intended. Then, think about your private possessions. How would you feel about a total stranger going through them? An unknown person violently ransacking through your pictures, clothes or diary…

The truth is that you can replace a TV set, and the same goes for the rest of your appliances, but your assets also include objects that cost more than money. And those objects deserve to be better protected. You deserve to be better protected! It’s no exaggeration that there are support lines out there for burglary victims, and it’s no exaggeration that some people go through therapy to get over the trauma. Maybe you didn’t consider these aspects until now, but you should start to.

So a titan steel door does much more than to protect you from a financial loss. It’s a strong barrier between your personal space and perpetrators. We can help you with a product that offers the highest level of security against forced entry. More than 1000 kg of force would be necessary to put down one of our doors, and that’s way more than any man can produce. And our doors’ resilience comes from more than one feature: it’s about structure, frame, its connection to the frame and the unique locking mechanism, which bolt shuts the door in 18 points.

Being protected is in your power and the solution is only one phone call away. We’ll be at your place in about 15 minutes and we’ll talk about the best options for your needs.

Recession blamed as burglaries rise

23 Apr
April 23, 2009

Recession blamed as burglaries rise

Knife crime is down 12% but the number of domestic burglaries has increased by 4%

Latest crime figures have revealed rises in the number of burglaries, personal thefts and robberies at knifepoint as the recession takes hold.

Recorded crime figures from police forces in England and Wales showed a 4% rise in domestic burglaries between October and December, while the British Crime Survey showed a 25% rise in the number of thefts.

But there was a sharp fall in the number of killings involving knives, which fell by 12%, and total recorded crime was down by 4%.

Last year a leaked draft memo from Home Secretary Jacqui Smith revealed fears inside Government of sharp rises in crime linked to the economic downturn.

Earlier this month Ms Smith launched a scheme to help improve home security with money-off vouchers for door and window locks from DIY stores.

The 4% increase in domestic burglaries – to 75,600 – is a repeat of the rise in home break-ins recorded in the third quarter. It prompted fears of a “credit crunch crime wave” linked to the rise in unemployment.

The police figures also showed a 4% increase in burglaries at business and other premises. Overall property crime was down by 4% with falls in vehicle break-ins, other thefts and criminal damage.

Police minister Vernon Coaker acknowledged the “new challenges” of burglary and other so-called acquisitive crimes.

Burglary, Blyth Road, London, W14 03/04/09, Don’t let this happen to you get a TITAN steel door fitted today Call us on 08448 04 04 04

03 Apr
April 3, 2009


Remember a burglar does not need to have your key to open your door.

Remember a burglar does not need to have your key to open your door. Actual burglary picture         


Hi everybody,

A typical scenario. A Victorian house converted into four flats, the main entrance door is fitted with an electrical release lock, very very easy for a burglar to open. And then just force open one of the apartment doors. Get the upper hand over the burglar, reassure yourself when you go to work, that you’re not going to come home and be devastated by a breaking get a TITAN door fitted now

If you would like to leave a comment please do so. Remember Easter holidays are coming up the burglars will strike. Eliminate the possibility of your main door being forced open call us today for a survey

Take care,




20 Mar
March 20, 2009


These burglars are finding it very easy to break into homes, don’t let it happen to you install a TITAN steel door today. Call us on 08448 04 04 04 AND TAKE THE ADVANTAGE AWAY FROM THE BURGLAR GET A TITAN STEEL DOOR FITTED NOW

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Burglary prevention by ASL




Google Street search a gift to burglars 20/03/09

20 Mar
March 20, 2009

Good morning everybody,

It’s a beautiful day today, the sun is shining. I just heard on the radio that Google have launched Street view. When I got into the office I went straight to my computer and looked it up.

The first thing I thought is oh my God this is an amazing tool for the local burglars. Basically they can plan everything, they can see how many locks are on the main door to a building, they can see drainpipes along the walls of the building, entrances to ground floor apartments, escape routes, it really is going to help the burglars. So once again prevention is the key. Make sure you have a Titan steel door installed straightaway, call us on 08448 04 04 04 don’t let the burglar have the upper hand

Take care out there, and view Google Street search for yourself, and make your own opinion of the potential problems that it could cause.

You’re welcome to leave me any comments regarding this situation and I shall insert them on to this blog. Any opinions or other fears would be very helpful, or indeed if you think it’s a good idea