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BURGLARY PREVENTION: Advice for Home and Property.

08 Mar
March 8, 2014

Burglary is commonly known as breaking and entering another person’s house with the sole purpose of committing a felony or a crime during a particular period of time of day. According to the definition, breaking and entering is just the first part of the offence as it often leads to more serious crimes. Home burglary is an increasing issue in recent years and it is no wonder many homeowners are looking into investing their money into buying safes, surveillance systems and Steel doors.

Theft is usually the most common reason why a person would burglarise, because burglars majorly target Valuable Assets. Asides theft, Sexual assault is another crime associated with burglary. Females are common victims of this atrocious act but there are also a handful of reported cases of male attacks.

Burglary is usually executed in the drape of darkness this is why the nighttime is the preferred hours of operation. They choose this time because there’s only a very slim chance that they might be seen due to the fact that most people are likely to be sound asleep. But there are times when burglars make their move during daytime when nobody is home.

The following are advisory measures that should be taken into strict considerations to prevent imminent burglaries.

  • Know Your Surroundings

Trees, Bushes and tall grasses in your surroundings are totally disadvantageous to you, especially in your backyard or close to your windows. This makes the burglar’s job easier and yours harder because they commonly use them for cover. It will be advantageous to you to cut down anything that blocks your view.

  • Think Like a Burglar

One of the most important strategies to defeating an opponent is to think like that opponent. Look for all possible weakness and security breach your home might possess before a burglar finds it. Effect immediate changes to all noticed Security breach and weaknesses your home possesses because “A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine”, so avoid Procrastination to this effect.

  • Create a Security Checklist

A security checklist contains all the necessary safety measures you are obligated to perform before leaving your home or going to bed. This list should include a reminder to lock all the doors, close all the windows, leave some lights on etc. A lot of people have loads of things going through their mind at certain intervals during the day and even at night, which is why they tend to forget most of these basic security measures.


Keep Your Valuables Strategically

More often than not, burglary is a crime of opportunity. This means thieves won’t think of robbing you if they can’t find something to rob so it is advisable to keep your valuables in a place where outsiders can’t see them. This is important in robbery and burglary prevention that you don’t attract these criminals because they are very good observers and they often approach houses in a variety of familiar disguise.

Keep an Extra Eye Out

It is advisable to always be on the look-out for strangers lurking around and about your neighborhood. They may be innocent people looking for relatives or friends but robbery and burglary prevention manuals say it’s better to err on the safe side. Call the appropriate authorities and report these strangers to them so their identities can be verified.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

This is one of the oldest yet most logical quotes in life. The backwash of a burglary is known to possess so many negativisms that are capable of causing extensive medical and psychological damages to the once happy life of a victim. It is better to prevent a crime from happening by taking the necessary security measures against it than to face life through the aftermath of the crime.

People often make the mistake of thinking that their homes can’t be broken into or they can’t be stolen from. As unreasonable as this sound, it is strongly suggested that you take the time to look at affordable security steel doors on www.steelsecuritydoors.co.uk and fortify your home today because if it has happened to one, it can happen to all.

Think like A Burglar

14 Feb
February 14, 2013

Burglary is a very real threat in London. The sad truth is that burglaries happen every single day, sometimes in broad daylight, and we are all vulnerable to becoming a target. A burglary can be a very traumatic experience to have to go through, and it can often leave you with thousands of pounds of losses. However, there are certain things that you can do in order to minimise your chances of becoming a victim. To do this, you are going to need to think like a burglar. Here are some aspects to consider.

Are Your Windows And Doors Secure?

The first thing that will attract a burglar to your home or business is unsecure windows and doors. It can be very easy to forget to lock your front door, or shut your windows before you go out, but it is incredibly important that you do. Burglars will be drawn to your property if they notice that it is unsecure. In London, if it is unsecure, then it is very likely that you will become a target. To avoid this from happening to you, make sure that your doors remain locked when you are not in the property and that your windows are shut when you are not in.

Are Your Valuables Visible?

Again, this is another thing that will automatically attract burglars to your home. Think about where your valuables are located within your home. For example, do you have any jewellery lying around by any windows? If you do, then you are making yourself a target. More often than not, burglars will look through the glass of the windows in the properties that they have targeted, in order to see what they can take. It is a good idea to make sure that all of your valuables are out of view of any visible windows.

Can Your Locks Be Easily Broken?

If a burglar cannot get into your home through an open window or an unlocked door, then they will try to break the locks. Check to see how secure and robust the locks on your door actually are. If you don’t think that they are secure, or you suspect that they can be easily broken, then it is a good idea to get new locks fitted. By doing this, you can greatly minimise the chances of your house being broken into.

Although it is a worrying prospect, burglaries do happen every single day in the city, and nobody is without risk. However, by thinking like a burglar, you are able to make sure that the likelihood of your home being broken into is very slim. Burglars will be deterred from properties that look secure, and that don’t have any obvious valuables on display. Remember the points that have been mentioned above, as this will allow you to drastically decrease the chances of your home being broken into and your possessions being stolen.

Locksmiths Who Changed History

11 Dec
December 11, 2012

We are perfectly aware that no matter how strong a door’s structure is one of the most important security aspects is the locking mechanism. And it is this awareness that made us develop a sophisticated system with a special security cylinder, a special lock, a unique key registered system, the possibility to turn the key in the lock 3 times (thus managing to take our bolts inside the frame deeper than any other model) and the 18 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel doors which simultaneously engage into the solid steel door frame.

But these things didn’t happen overnight. The locking systems have been evolving for a couple of hundred years and we decided it’s important to look back and remember the great men who worked hard for our security today.

The pioneer of modern locking systems is considered by most to be one of our own Englishmen – Robert Barron. In 1778 he invented the double tumbler lock. His impressive skills that originated both in his mind and hands helped him achieve this major breakthrough – the first big step after the classic pin lock.

Only 6 years later, in 1784, Joseph Bramah, also an Englishman, invented the Bramah lock, which remained un-pickable for 67 years. In 1851, Alfred Charles Hobbs spent about 50 hours to break the Bramah lock and he succeeded. But as for every aspect of evolution, vulnerability meant an opportunity for progress.

So in 1848, Linus Yale Senior invented a pin-tumbler lock, and his son, Linus Yale Junior, kept improving the system, creating the basis of what we know today as pin-tumbler locks by using a small, flat key with serrated edges. This happened in 1861 and by 1862 he also invented the modern combination lock.

In 1857 James Sargent invented the first customizable lock, specifically the first key-changeable combination lock (well, at least the first successful one). And he kept perfecting his system and even managed to create a time lock mechanism in 1873.

In 1916 Samuel Segal invented the first locks that were crowbar-resistant, so he too played an important role in this story.

As time went by, systems became more and more complex, according to the new threats. And basically that’s how history goes – innovation, problem, solution. That’s the circle of evolution and in modern times this circle is closing and opening again faster and faster. The future is probably in bio metric security solutions, but we’re not quite there yet. And while great minds still work on perfecting that, right now we’re proud to be offering one of the most effective home security systems on the market today.

Choose a Door Colour that Fits Your Personality

24 Oct
October 24, 2012


The front door is an important part of your house. Its design can improve your home’s overall appearance, or not. Of course, functionality is probably the key aspect of a front door, but our steel doors are covering that aspect without any flaws. All you have to do is choose a design, and a colour. And whether you’re willing to stand out or not, we’ve got plenty of options for you, so what fits your personality best?

Red is passion, enthusiasm and action. It’s the fire within you and it’s the perfect symbol for your active way of life. It’s stimulating, challenging and it’s a sure win if you want to stand out of the crowd. If this is who you are, we’ve got plenty of reds for you: Flame, RAL Signal, Carmine, Purple, Wine, Black, Oxide, Brown, Beige, Tomato, Coral, Rose, Strawberry, Traffic, Dark Salmon, Raspberry or Orient.

Yellow is about warmth and intimacy, but also about focus and communication. It’s specific to the active type, who’s inquisitive and has high aspirations. Is this you? Then maybe you’d like one of these shades of yellow: Sand, Signal, Dark Golden, Honey, Maize, Chrome, Lemon, Sulphur, Saffron, Zinc, Olive, Cadmium, Traffic, Ochre, Curry, Melon, Broom, Dahlia or Pastel.

Green is said to be calming, relaxing, the colour of meditation, balance and safety. If you tend to be more introspective and less active, green is the best choice for you, and we’ve got more than a dozen shades: Patina, Mid. Emerald, Leaf, Middle Olive, Blue, Light Moss, Grey Olive, Bottle, Brown, Fir, Middle Grass, Reseda, Black, Reed, Yellow Olive, Black Olive, Turquoise, May, Yellow, Pastel, Chrome, Pale, Brown Olive, Traffic, Bracken, Opal, Turkish, Pine Tree, Mint or Signal.

Blue is tranquillity, dreaming, inner focus and deepness. If you’re calm, deep and sensitive, let others know and go for one of these beautiful shades: Turquoise, Pale, Violet, Green, Ultramarine, Dark Sapphire, Black, Signal, Brilliant, Grey, Light Azure, Gentian, Steel, Light, Dark Cobalt, Pigeon, Middle Sky, Traffic, Turkish, Capri, Ocean, Water, Night, Fern or Pastel.

Grey is definitely about power and we’ve got plenty of options for you to show your strength: Dark Squirrel, Silver, Olive, Moss, Signal, Mouse, Beige, Khaki, Green, Tarpaulin, Iron, Basalt, Brown, Slate, Anthracite, Black, Umber, Concrete, Graphite, Granite, Stone, Blue, Cement, Yellow, Pale, Platinum, Dusty, Agate, Quartz, Window, Traffic, Silky or Telegrey.

Brown is also about power, but in the same time it stands for reliability and comfort. So if you’re sincere, mature and open, you could advertise your traits through one of these browns: Green, Gold, Signal, Clay, Copper, Fawn, Olive, Nut, Red, Sepia, Mahogany, Chocolate, Grey, Black, Orange, Beige, Pale or Earth.

You can visualize any of the shades above here, and you’ll also find a bold variety of violets and pinks. Of course, you can always choose whites or blacks, but don’t miss out on the chance to really express yourself!




Burglary,Fanshaw Street, London,N1 26/05/2011 10 apartment doors forced open

29 May
May 29, 2011

Hello my readers, Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, a Private block of flats in Islington 14 flats in total in the building.

During sometime between nine and 4, 10 of the apartments had their doors forced open. Although most apartments had quality locks fitted. They were made redundant due to the poor quality of their wooden door, this seems like a very worrying trend, where burglars are targeting properties but not satisfied perhaps with one flat actually breaking into a group of them on the same day in the same building, so again if you’re reading my blog. There is a solution please visit www.steelsecuritydoors.co.uk where you will find our Titan range of security doors specially designed to keep these people out of your home.

Take care out there,


You may want to go to this link  http://www.wikihow.com/Deal-With-an-Intruder-in-Your-Home

A Titan Steel Security Door Keeps Burglars Out 01-05-2011

02 May
May 2, 2011

Actual attempted burglary image

Hello and welcome to my blog,

Burglars have been busy over the bank holiday weekend!

I’m pleased to say that we fitted, one of our Titan steel security doors to a premises in Park Royal , London nw10 a few years ago, after the occupier had a burglary. The door has been securing the premises ever since. But this bank holiday weekend as you can see by this dramatic picture it was attacked. They tried everything to gain entry but eventually they gave up which we have found is the normal scenario. If it was a wooden door and wooden frame. The outcome would have been totally different. instead of our customer contacting us today explaining he has had an attempted burglary it would have been, I’ve been burgled and all my belongings are gone. Now the situation for him is not so bad, the building insurance will replace the door on a like-for-like basis with no charge for our customer. We are now  manufacturing a new door.

And as a personal thought, we at ASL are delighted that these criminals completely wasted their time and effort and came away with absolutely nothing. once again the Titan steel door has proven its worth. Please visit this link  www.steelsecuritydoors.co.uk  and get one for yourself.
If you would like to leave any comments regarding my blog please do so.

Take care out there,


Door forced open by burglars on the 31-04-2011

01 May
May 1, 2011

Actual burglary image 31-04-11

Yet another devastating arrival home, I know I keep on and on about wooden doors and door frames being in most cases impossible to keep these burglars out. This is a clear example once again. My only advice is to visit www.steelsecuritydoors.co.uk and get a proper job done to keep this sort of thing from happening to you. These people have no respect whatsoever for burglar alarms high security British standard  deadlocks. They know they have a very easy situation when they come to most wooden doors and door frames. Please see this link http://www.steelsecuritydoors.co.uk/gallery.html

And remember just don’t think about this moment in time where you will probably be going to work,  locking your British standard deadlock and rim lock which in most cases if a burglar strikes gives no  protection whatsoever. Think long-term think about when you are going on holiday, your leaving for two weeks for Christmas. I’m sure it crosses your mind will everything be ok when I come back. Unfortunately throughout the years, millions upon millions of people come back and find their door in the hallway and they have become a victim of a burglary. Call us and we will supply and fit a Titan steel door.  it will certainly eliminate any fears you have.

You may be interested in visiting this link  http://sentencingcouncil.judiciary.gov.uk

Also I found this link very interesting to http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/jan/22/crime-burglary-offenders-prison.

Take care out there,