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The Emotional Rollercoaster after a Burglary

16 Jul
July 16, 2013

Many people understand the frustration of having items stolen however it’s only when you’ve actually experienced a burglary of your own home can you understand the emotional effects too.

Although it’s obviously upsetting to have precious items taken away in most cases these items are replaceable by the insurance within a few days. Unfortunately the impact on life, health and relationships is not as quickly dismissed as it can take time to go through the cycle of emotions and some never recover fully.

Here are the most common feelings you may experience after your home has been burgled.


It’s natural to feel scared as your safe haven is no longer safe. It’s been proven that it is penetrable and your items can be taken as easily as if they were laid out on a street. If the burglars struck while you were asleep you may worry about them returning and what they could do if you disturb them.


This is one of the most common emotions that people feel after being burgled. It’s a hard feeling to describe to those who haven’t been there. As adults we build a cocoon around us that’s full of all our private items and we only allow access to those we love and trust. Knowing a stranger has sifted through your personal items with absolutely no empathy for the impact it would have can leave many feeling violated, as if their special secrets have been exposed. The thought that a person has also watched your activity to choose the best time to burgle also plays a huge part in this feeling of violation.


This is an emotion that is rarely talked about as few people want to admit it yet most feel at least an element of stupidity. This surrounds thoughts such as, “What if I’d just checked the burglar alarm”, “Why didn’t I fix that broken window lock?” even, “Why didn’t I invest in a more secure door when I had the chance”? It’s rare that people feel that they’d done absolutely everything to keep their home secure before a burglary, unfortunately it’s not until afterwards that they realise they could have done more which leads to…


Despite equality between men and women, men still torture themselves after a burglary thinking they should have done more to protect their family.


Anger is a natural emotion of course but this can put a strain on relationships as couples have no one to direct their anger to (unless the police find the culprit). Many want to scream and shout, to tell the burglars what they did was wrong to make them aware of the devastation they’ve caused through their greed, yet this has to stay bottled up which makes many silently seethe.


Whether you lived in your home for 6 months or 20 years you would have previously associated it with safety. It was your own little haven where you could close the curtains on the world after a bad day, recover from the flu in peace and fill with family on special events. Suddenly, the house no longer feels like a home, it feels like bricks and mortar that’s let you down. Overtime, these feelings can disappear, especially if extra security measures are made but some find they have to move on to start a fresh.

The Solutions

Most burglars enter through the front or back door as they either recognise a weak lock that’s easy to pick or see that the door is easy to break. See our gallery on how burglars have advanced their methods. Our steel doors ensure the ultimate security as no one but you can enter through them no matter what array of tools present.

The addition of steel doors is now common amongst many city homes, as it allows those that have been burgled a chance to reclaim their homes as their own while preventing it from happening for those that are passionate about protecting their family and property.

Along with this, you should also recognise that being burgled is a trauma that makes you a victim and because of this you do deserve victim support. The free service allows you to talk through all of these emotions so you can continue life the way you deserve.

Steel Door Myths Debunked

31 May
May 31, 2013

When we picture Steel Doors we often think of huge hunks of metal that adorn commercial buildings. Of course many business premises and banks understand the importance of the security of steel, yet now they’re aesthetically pleasing for homeowners too.

Worryingly burglars are becoming more like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible as they advance as fast as technology using gadgetry to secure entry quickly and without fuss.

As locks become more sophisticated and windows impossible to break it’s the doors that receive the damage with many being sliced in half. See our gallery here…

In order to maintain elegance, a welcoming entrance and style without compromising on security many are turning to steel doors, yet many factors put people off.

Here are the myths that prevent some choosing the most secure, attractive, stylish door for their homes.

Myth: They Weigh too Much

Fact: Yes the steel doors are heavy; this of course adds to the strength that gives maximum security however homeowners won’t feel the weight. They are fitted with precision so the operation feels as light as a feather – the beauty of modern technology!

Myth: They Are Difficult to Operate

Fact: You’d be forgiven for thinking that with so many locks and bars the doors are difficult to operate, yet everything runs very smoothly ensuring the key holder can open the door with ease but a burglar cannot. You’ll find operation much smoother than your current door!

Myth: I Can’t Have a Cat Flap

Fact: We can supply a door with a cat flap that allows your feline friend to come and go as she pleases without compromising the security of the door.

Myth: A Letterbox Compromises Security

Fact: Some of our steel doors come with letterboxes so you can receive mail securely too. These will accept standard sized letters but even if a burglar could get a hand through they wouldn’t be able to penetrate the locked door. This is because the steel is so strong on both sides that nothing but the correct key will let unwanted visitors in.

Myth: They’re Not Modern

Fact: It’s true that many of our steel doors are traditional, just like the one at No.10 Downing Street as they encompass the classic posh style of solid wood. However we also have contemporary doors for those who like to embrace modern trends, you’ll be surprised by the styles in our gallery!

Myth: They Block Out All the Light

Fact: Few front doors have glass panels, as the inner hall is rarely a place where people congregate and so natural light is normally not an issue, however for those who like lots of light we’ve incorporated glass into some of our doors.

Now you can have the security of the steel door along with bullet proof impenetrable glass, so you can see the light!

If there are any other reasons that deter you from choosing a steel door for securing your home, get in touch and let us see if we can debunk the myth!

Do We Really Need Panic Rooms in the UK?

24 Apr
April 24, 2013

In the UK we’re quite fortunate as we don’t endure the threat of kidnap that those in the Middle East, Africa and South America do, so why are panic rooms becoming more and more popular?

We can’t reveal who we install steel doors for, as privacy and security is part of our service, yet we can reveal that more and more customers are using our services to make panic rooms out of any room in the house.

It’s always been seen as an extravagant, over the top security measure used only by the very rich, the very famous or the drug barons with a price on their head, yet now people have realised it’s the ultimate secure solution for keeping loved ones safe.

Think back to 2002, to Jodie Foster in the Panic Room. Apart from making you feel old as this was over a decade ago, what else do you remember?

In the US after the film’s release, panic rooms rose in popularity yet here in the UK we couldn’t stretch our imagination to think the same fate would happen to us.

What’s Changed?

Instead of using panic rooms to protect a family against kidnappers, we, in Britain are using them for a whole different reason. Many new  now have panic rooms as standard as it’s not just possessions at stake.

Obviously popular amongst the wealthy now people like us are favouring the panic room too as violence unfortunately becomes the biggest crime committed in the UK, closely followed by vandalism.

Prevention is Better than the Cure

For instance, CCTV cameras are great for capturing a person’s image to use AFTER the deed is done however they do little to prevent the crime in the first place. Many retired couples are now realising that burglars actually wait for them to be home before they attack as they can give access to safes, show them where the money is and be encouraged to do as asked if a partner or family member is used as a threat.

That’s why panic rooms in the Master suites are popular. In seconds families can be secure and the police can be alerted. By the time a burglar even finds the steel security door, the police are already apprehending the suspect red handed.

The Expense

Our customers have found great ways to cut down on the cost of a panic room while ensuring the chosen space is comfortable and fire retardant too. Their new panic rooms not only protect from intruders but from fire. A reassuring though for anyone who lives with loved ones.

They have done this by choosing us to install steel doors internally, to block off one room of the house; you can see how an office has utilised this here.

Not Just for People

This not only gives them a safe place to go to should intruders enter the home, it also keeps valuables safe when the home is left empty, so burglars leave empty handed.

If you think you’d benefit from some extra protection or would sleep easier at night knowing you can keep your family safe in seconds, see the range of steel doors we have on offer.


6 Key tips for Crime prevention advice for your home and property

13 Mar
March 13, 2013

Are you sick and tired of having your home broken into your personal space invaded your possessions stolen and your friends and neighbours burgled, it all stops here honestly there are so many ways to combat these thugs stopping them in their tracks and all with some well thought out  common sense.

1.  Never leave your door un-locked; make sure you always lock all doors when you leave the house to go anywhere, sound simple but would you be surprised to know that over 28% of burglaries in London are because of unlocked cars or homes.

2.  Never under any circumstances leave keys for either windows or doors in the lock and forget about them, I know this sounds ridiculous but again burglar’s will take advantage of your constant stupidity don’t be next.

3.  If you have any spare keys don’t leave them anywhere outside not under a rock not or under the mat or hanging near the door just don’t do it period.

4.  Make sure that if you have a burglar alarm make sure it is visible from the front of the house make sure it is in a well-lit area. Did you know that it is a well know statistic that over 58% of burglaries in greater area of London happen to the unsuspected at night which is why tip number five is critical.

5.  You must use good quality security lights with timers, these lights will allow you to give the impression that you are home when you are not, these lights will be a great deterrent for your common would be thief in the night.

6.  Get involved in your community Neighbourhood watch scheme don’t be afraid to look after each other together you will achieve more is an old adage that rings true when your neighbour is out you can keep an eye on their home and vice versa when you are out.

Ancient Door Technologies

18 Jan
January 18, 2013

We, modern men, enjoy taking pride in all of today’s technological progress and we’ve got this illusion that we’re somehow superior to our ancestors. But the truth is that at least some of today’s “wonders” have been around for way longer than we imagine. Of course, the Ancients didn’t have chips on their keys or biometric security measures, but we bet you’ll still be surprised by the following.

The first thing that comes to mind is something that you could have seen in a documentary about Star Trek. Even if you’re not necessarily a fan, it seems that a series of technologies that were only imagined (and built on special effects) in the early episodes, actually led to progress. Somebody made a documentary about them and on that show you would have found the automated doors that slided open based on sensors. When the original Star Trek series was produced (somewhere in the ’60s) this was not yet a part of day to day life and, according to that documentary, the doors were actually moved manually by two workers on the set, one for each sliding panel. Now think about your own personal history and try to remember when was the first time you saw this kind of door. We’re so accustomed to them now that it might be difficult to remember, but if you really think about it you’ll probably realize that you’ve only known them for 20-30 years, and that’s a tiny fraction compared to humanity’s history.

But if we were to go back in time, we’d see that the first automatic door was actually created in the 1st century AD by Heron of Alexandria, a Greek mathematician and engineer. As for motion sensors, it seems that the first foot sensor activated door was a Chinese creation, first implemented sometime between 604 and 618, during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui; the emperor asked for this door to be fitted at his personal library.

And even something as complex as automatic gate openers was invented long before modern times. Actually, we’re close to 900 years since their invention, since Al Jazari (1136-1206) was the one who managed to imagine and develop a system that did this, based on hydro-power.

So you see, we’ve accomplished a lot, but we’re not entitled to all the glory. However, we deserve a lot of credit for trying hard to move further and progress. And when it comes to doors we know for a fact that we’re doing everything we can to make sure your security is impenetrable.


How Do Your House Numbers Look?

08 Jan
January 8, 2013

You should always remember that you’re a unique individual and you should take advantage of every chance you get to personalize your space. And that’s exactly what we had in mind when we decided to give our clients freedom of choice when it comes to their front doors: we’re offering a wide range of finishes (wood or colour) and we’re also providing a pretty large selection of models, but we’re also perfectly able to deliver a totally custom model.

But there’s even more you can do with something that you may have not even considered before – your house numbers. And there’s more variety than you give them credit when you start thinking about where you can place them: front door, front of the house, mailbox or even in a very unconventional setting. And then there are aspects such as: size, colour, material, font and other design specifics. In general terms, they should be easy to read even from a distance and this depends on size, colour (good contrast) and font (for example, too many swirls can look nice, but if it’s affecting the clarity, it’s not good).

Of course, one of the most popular choices is bras. It really stands out on darker shades and even on whites and it’s the perfect touch when the door comes with a bras doorknob and maybe a bras door knocker.

Ceramic ones can be a lovely touch and there’s no limit to how creative the surrounding design can be, especially if you decide to take things into your own hands and apply a pattern yourself. However, make sure the slates are big enough (and the numbers on them too) and keep in mind that the artistic strokes on the background should be integrated harmoniously in the general landscape and they should also not affect others’ ability to read the numbers.

Or maybe you’d like a plaque, since this can also be an interesting game of contrast between the plaque itself and the numbers on top (regarding both colour and material). You can go for a vintage look with wood or stay on the modern side with shiny metals.

And last, but not least – a new trend and a bold choice – illuminated house numbers. Believe it or not, that speck of bright light can reduce the risk of a break-in. But other than that, they’re sure to pop up (especially if you’re on a street with poor lighting) and you don’t even have to waste precious electricity, because there are solar-powered versions.

So, what do your house numbers look like? Have we stimulated your appetite towards creativity in this area?

Locksmiths Who Changed History

11 Dec
December 11, 2012

We are perfectly aware that no matter how strong a door’s structure is one of the most important security aspects is the locking mechanism. And it is this awareness that made us develop a sophisticated system with a special security cylinder, a special lock, a unique key registered system, the possibility to turn the key in the lock 3 times (thus managing to take our bolts inside the frame deeper than any other model) and the 18 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel doors which simultaneously engage into the solid steel door frame.

But these things didn’t happen overnight. The locking systems have been evolving for a couple of hundred years and we decided it’s important to look back and remember the great men who worked hard for our security today.

The pioneer of modern locking systems is considered by most to be one of our own Englishmen – Robert Barron. In 1778 he invented the double tumbler lock. His impressive skills that originated both in his mind and hands helped him achieve this major breakthrough – the first big step after the classic pin lock.

Only 6 years later, in 1784, Joseph Bramah, also an Englishman, invented the Bramah lock, which remained un-pickable for 67 years. In 1851, Alfred Charles Hobbs spent about 50 hours to break the Bramah lock and he succeeded. But as for every aspect of evolution, vulnerability meant an opportunity for progress.

So in 1848, Linus Yale Senior invented a pin-tumbler lock, and his son, Linus Yale Junior, kept improving the system, creating the basis of what we know today as pin-tumbler locks by using a small, flat key with serrated edges. This happened in 1861 and by 1862 he also invented the modern combination lock.

In 1857 James Sargent invented the first customizable lock, specifically the first key-changeable combination lock (well, at least the first successful one). And he kept perfecting his system and even managed to create a time lock mechanism in 1873.

In 1916 Samuel Segal invented the first locks that were crowbar-resistant, so he too played an important role in this story.

As time went by, systems became more and more complex, according to the new threats. And basically that’s how history goes – innovation, problem, solution. That’s the circle of evolution and in modern times this circle is closing and opening again faster and faster. The future is probably in bio metric security solutions, but we’re not quite there yet. And while great minds still work on perfecting that, right now we’re proud to be offering one of the most effective home security systems on the market today.

Titan Steel Doors – Fire-proof Doors

26 Nov
November 26, 2012

As you have probably seen on our website, we take great pride in the fact that our doors are complying with the new Europe-wide fire resistance standard BS EN 1634-1 (which replaced the previous British Standard for fire resistance). Actually, we felt that this was so important that we insisted on making a special section for this characteristic on steelsecuritydoors.co.uk. And since we chose to talk more about the test on that particular section, we thought our blog should contain a bit more information on the subject.

First of all, what is a fire door? It’s basically a part o a passive fire protection system meant to reduce the spread of fire/smoke. So even though it’s not actually stopping the fire, it helps preventing  the spread. And if you’re living in an apartment building or you’re purchasing the door for your office you’re probably even more aware of the importance of this aspect. If an unfortunate event would cause a fire in your apartment/office, surely you wouldn’t need the extra responsibility of your neighbours’ losses.

Every fire door has a fire-resistance rating, which is basically the duration for which it can withstand a standard resistance test. However, even though resistance in time is very important, there are other aspects that are important such as: integrity, insulation and load-bearing capacity. A certain amount of damage caused by combustion during exposure is to be expected, but the structure and materials are meant to prevent the spread of fire.

Fire resistance tests are carried out at independent, national accredited laboratories and the tests made on our doors showed that they can hold back flames for more than a full half an hour, and this in extreme conditions of 600oC or even 800 oC.

Obviously, when we are talking about our doors, we’re considering the whole ensemble, including the frame and even the installation process. We only work with qualified personnel that can correctly install your door so that you can be sure that you’re getting a maximum benefit from your purchase. Incorrect installation can make even the best doors less resilient and less effective when it comes to fire resistance.

So you might say that our doors guard both your valuables and your neighbors . We’re driven only by our clients’ needs for quality products and that’s why we didn’t stop at making doors that are burglary-proof. We also made them look good and fire resistant!


What Signals Are You Sending?

24 Nov
November 24, 2012


We’re proud to have helped so many people avoid getting robbed and we’re proud to tell anyone that it’s practically impossible to break down one of our doors thanks to: the 2 mm Galvanized frame, the 3 mm steel tube that composes the wing frame, the 1,5 mm of steel that compose the wing skeleton, the central lock cylinder that provides a 14 steel bolt locking system which acts in 3 directions, the drill proof barrel, the registered key system, the security mechanism on the frame that prevents any widening attempts and the steel hinges.

Unfortunately, the front door is not the only important aspect that you should consider when thinking about your home’s security. But we want you to be safe, and that’s why we’re sharing with you a couple of useful tips, based on the confessions of professional burglars.

First of all, it’s good to know your neighborhood and keep an eye out for any new suspicious faces. A burglar once said that he does his best to never look like a crook, so he can be walking around dressed like any other person or disguised as a handy man. It’s also likely that under his disguise he’ll knock at your door and if you’ll answer he’ll ask for directions or offer his services as a handy man for cover. And by the way, you should also choose wisely the handy men that actually enter your home, since a person who’s already seen the inside of your house has a better idea on your assets and exit/entry points.

Then, it’s very important to think about what you’re leaving around your yard. Regarding this, mail should be on the top of your list, even if you’re going away for a while. Cancel subscriptions or ask a neighbor to pick them up. Burglars might even leave a flyer in your mail just to see how long it takes for it to disappear. Next on this list should be toys left behind by your children – if there’s an abundance lying around, a burglar might get the impression that they have plenty of choices inside, including expensive electronic games, and furthermore it’s probably a sign that you’re not actually on a tight budget, so there are plenty of valuables inside.

As for other things that can be seen and shouldn’t  your alarm code – if your front door has an ornamental glass section, make sure your code is not visible through that section from the outside; your assets – make sure there’s not a lot that can be seen from the outside looking in and it’s always a good idea to draw your curtains as soon as it’s time to turn the lights on; any sign of recklessness – for example, if you’re leaving in a hurry and forget to lock your door, there’s a possibility that a burglar’s on the job and notices this.

So think about the signals you’re sending. We guarantee that our doors are burglar-proof, but if you make it worth their while, burglars will be very motivated to get in and they’ll find other ways – breaking a window is not hard at all, using the chimney is not uncommon and they keep getting more and more creative.


Security Reality Check

22 Nov
November 22, 2012


Marketers all around the world invest considerable amounts of money in aggressive promotional campaigns. They’re producers, retailers or sales agents that go out there every day trying hard to convince everybody that they need a certain product. But the truth is that we don’t need everything we buy. You probably didn’t need that extra pair of shoes or that fancy appliance that has more functions than you’ll ever need to use.

Then there are things that actually qualify as real needs. And considering Maslow’s pyramid, security is one of the most basic human needs, right after food and water. But his theory was considering security more in the terms of a roof over one’s head. Modern life isn’t only about basic needs. The beauty and diversity of modern life are also about comfort. So security is not only about that roof over your head, but also about keeping safe all those big and small things that make your house a home.

Now think about your home. Are you doing as much as you can to keep it safe? Most people would say yes, even though they don’t. Actually, we’re so used to hearing news about break-ins in the media that we’re not even outraged anymore. We take them as part of the surrounding reality and, unless this happens to someone close to us, we tend to think that it can’t happen to us.

Well, we’ve got bad news! It can happen to you! Just having a door and locking it on your way out doesn’t keep you safe these days. For example, let’s talk about something that happened about a month ago, on 29 October 2012. It’s a real story, here, in your beloved London and if you’re not protected, it can happen to you too. It was an ordinary evening and a couple was watching TV. At about 11 PM they heard a knock on the door and soon after the door was kicked in by 3 men who forced their way through. They sprayed the owned with some sort of liquid, but luckily he was wearing glasses.

Unfortunately, they learned the hard way that they need to be better protected. Just look at that picture! It’s the actual door in the story and it looks like a broken twig. Surely you wouldn’t want this to happen to you. The couple in the story gave us a call the very next day and now they’re enjoying quiet evenings in front of the TV and they know for sure that no one can break into their home again, because they have a TITAN steel door. Don’t sit around and wait until you become a victim. Visit www.steelsecuritydoors.co.uk and replace your wooden door with a really strong one. You need to be safe!