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Door Symbolism

17 Dec
December 17, 2012

Ever since their invention, doors have been more than doors. Do you think we’re kidding? For now let’s just say that the ancient Romans actual had a God, Janus, that was the protector of doors.

Sure, if you’ll ask Wikipedia, you’ll get a standard, lifeless answer – “a door is a movable structure used to open and close an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or spins inside a space”. And even though this pretty much sums it up on a physical level, there’s more to doors than meets the eye.

Looking back in time and looking at different cultures, the door has always been first of all an entrance. On a very metaphorical level, it was an entrance into another world or dimension. And this makes sense even if we stay more grounded. Your door is the entrance to your own world. Going through your front door should be equivalent to focusing on yourself and letting out all the troubles at work and so on.

Then, the door has often been associated with new beginnings and again you’ll probably relate to this with great ease, since you know that your day can basically start all over again once you get home and surround yourself with your personal items and hobbies.

But there’s more to it than just the beginning. It’s also about the transition. That gentle buffer between the outside world and your own personal haven. The border between peace and harm, silence and noise, harmony and chaos.

Of course, just as the door can be a symbol of beginning, it’s also a symbol of the end. You’re probably experiencing this the most on Monday mornings when you know for a fact that locking that door and going to work means the week-end’s over. Or if you’ve ever experienced moving out of a place or leaving a job, you can surely remember that special feeling you had when you last closed that specific door. It was also the act of closing a chapter in your life, wasn’t it?

Last, but surely not least, your front door is a symbol of your home and it’s also saying something about you, too. The colour you chose, the design, the door knocker, the peep-hole and every element in its structure can say something about you. And if you decided to get a door from us, know that you’ll be more than able to express yourself, since our models can be very flexible.

For us, the symbolism of doors is first and foremost connected to the idea of your home’s security. With that thought comes great responsibility and that’s why we’re so committed to offering our clients the strongest alternatives available. Be sure you make a wise choice about your front door, or else some random burglar might show up some day and break down your entrance, shatter the border between your haven and the rest of the world and damage your personal space.


Front Door Designs

07 Nov
November 7, 2012

Just like your choice for the colour, the design of your front door should say something about you, while enhancing the overall architecture. However, there are no strict rules about what goes with what, but when you’ll see the options you’ll know what feels right or not.

The most common door design is the single door, whether it’s opening to the left or to the right or it’s swinging in or out of your home.

The double door is basically a unit formed by the combination of two doors, and it’s usually available in a French door design, or a patio door design. The French door is the most frequent choice of the two and it’s made so that the doors open from the center  However, it’s not necessary for both doors to open, one side being stationary in a lot of cases. This design is usually enriched with glass. The patio door is a lot like the French door, but it has a mull strip (a stationary part) where the two doors meet. The “ center mull” is useful for security reasons, but a pain when moving furniture.

Center hinge doors also look a lot like French doors, but must have a stationary side, and this makes the door open from the left/right rather than the center.

Triple or Quad doors are a combination of 3 or 4 mobile and stationary doors, and according to your desired pattern they can become a lot like French doors and open from the center, or not.

Sliding doors are not an option for a front door, but always a good idea for a back door to the garden, since it allows the most glass space.

Clear glass can be available with any grid configuration you can think of. The grids can be placed between two layers of glass for easy cleaning, outside or you can forget about them altogether. However, clear glass may not be the best security choice, since outsiders can see in.

Obscure glass is available nowadays in a great variety of types and it’s basically a textured glass that provides you with privacy, while still letting the sunlight in.

Leaded patterned glass consists of different combinations of obscure glass, beveled clear glass and caming (a metal available in different colors like black, bronze, silver or copper). It can be a compromising solution between privacy and lighting, since you can opt for a small portion of clear glass for your visibility, and multiple textured glass sections for more lighting and a creative design.

Except for sliding doors which, to be honest, can’t provide you with an appropriate level of security, we can make any kind of design. You can choose from the most popular ones here, you can opt for keeping your current design, or you can come with a completely innovative idea. We’ll make it look good, and we’ll maximize your home’s security while doing this.

How Protected Are You?

09 Oct
October 9, 2012

Maybe you haven’t thought of this, but times are hard, and that also means that crime rates go up. Burglaries are definitely not an exception, and actually this kind of crime is on the rise more than others. It’s not good news, but it makes sense. People are losing their jobs, and some get desperate and resort to this in order to put food on their families’ tables. It’s not a violent crime so it’s easier on the conscience, the penalty isn’t all that big so it’s a smaller risk, and in some cases it’s a very easy job.

Actually, burglars tend to look for the easiest jobs, and some doors just send out the right signals. Now think about your door. Is it wooden? Is it old? How many locks does it have? How’s the locking mechanism itself? How strong is the frame? How good is the connection between your door and the frame? If your answers are: yes, pretty much, one, not very sophisticated, good enough, and decent, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Our steel doors are obviously stronger than any wooden door, but we cover them with wood, so they’re resilient on the inside, but nice to look at on the outside. We put the beauty and the beast all in one: 190 kilos of pure strength, a 2mm galvanized frame, a 1,5 mm wing skeleton, a 14 steel bolt locking system which locks the door in 3 directions, special production steel hinges in 3 points, and more, all encased in wood.

Considering aesthetics, there are plenty of models to choose from, whatever your specific needs are, regardless of shape or size.  But we don’t want to put a limit to your creativity – you can think of any kind of design alteration for a model that we already have in our gallery, or if you’re very attached to it, we can replicate your current door’s design.

And as for the colour  you can go for a wooden finish – your choice from any of these: Walnut on Wavy Mahogany, Dark Walnut on Mahogany, Walnut on Mahogany, Mahogany, Red Walnut on Beech, Tobacco, Dark Oak, and Light Oak. Or maybe you’d like a painted finish such as: Westminster Black, Pillar Box Red, Royal Blue, Racing Green, Nut Brown, Cool Grey, Leaf Green or High White. They all look good, but it should feel right to you.

So what do you think about our concept for protection? We’ll bring you a door that can’t be put down, and you’ll love looking at it. It will always keep the bad guys out, but for you it will be a pretty sight when you come home from work. Really, what more could you want?


Visit our website: http://steelsecuritydoors.co.uk or call us on: 0800 298 8008 for more information.




Why Titan Steel Doors?

09 May
May 9, 2012

A house is the shelter of your heart and home. Your family is the most precious possession you can have.  Your house is also probably your biggest investment. One of the first impressions people will have regarding your house will come from the main entrance door to your property.

  • Though people are usually very proud of their main entrance door, if it is made of wood, the upkeep is expensive and time consuming and gives no protection whatsoever against attack from burglars.
  • This is why our special quality metal doors are popular. People want more economic and ecological solutions for everything.
  • The exterior doors should always match the entire environmental situation.
  • When you decide what kind of door to buy please bear in mind the following:
  • safety systems
  • durability
  • aesthetics
  • The security of your home, apartment, or office will depend upon the strength of the door and the locking mechanism that is attached to it.
ASL Door

Titan Steel Door

Titan Steel Doors are specially designed to keep burglars out of your London home, apartment or office.


Titan Steel Door

They are made to measure and very durable. These doors are different to other doors as they have the appearance of a luxury wooden door but the strength of a safe vault. Our steel doors have a long life and require very little maintenance. These elegant, stylish and beautiful doors are the best choice for your home, apartment, or office.

For more information about amazing steel doors covered in luxury wood please email me amanda@steelsecuritydoors.co.uk.



Burglary,Durnsford Road,SW19

16 Dec
December 16, 2010

Hello again everybody,
Ok this door was completely destroyed, although it had good quality locks fitted the wooden door and frame was just no match for  the burglar.
Our customer is now having a Titan steel door fitted in the next few days.  Once again I would advise anybody reading this. Not to put yourself in this position.  Where the occupier has been broken into,  and this has persuaded them to get a Titan steel door.

The whole point of this  blog is that upon reading you decide to get a Titan steel door to totally protect your family and belongings.

Call ASL now and within 10 days you will have your old door and frame taken away, and our superior Titan steel door and frame installed.

Not only will the door look better, it will give you a total sense of security with its 22 Point locking system.

Our phone number is 08448 04 04 04


BURGLARY, Cornwall Road, London, N15 , 04/03/09, steelsecuritydoors.co.uk,

04 Mar
March 4, 2009
Remember a burglar does not need your key to open your wooden door

Remember a burglar does not need your key to open your wooden door

On this occasion, they decided to attack the hinge side of the wooden door frame, which was very effective. The occupiers thought they were safe, as they had two very expensive insurance approved banham locks on their door. Once again we have to acknowledge that steel is stronger than wood. If a TITAN door was fitted the outcome would have been completely different.

To avoid this situation call us for a survey on 08448 04 04 04


Remember replace your wooden door now, with our TITAN steel door

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