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Burglary,New Gothic Lodge,Old Devonshire Road, Balham,London,SW12, 21/11/2011

21 Nov
November 21, 2011

4 Apartments  doors and door frames broken down at a  Burglary,New Gothic Lodge, Balham,London,SW12, 21/11/2011

I’ve just had an update from site from our carpenter the situation was this 24 Apartments 4 apartment were broken into the adjoining flats were in but did not hear anything THE doors had good quality locks but the wooden door and door frames were not strong enough in this day and age they need to be made out of steel visit

www.steelsecuritydoors.co.uk And  remember these doors are, covered in wood .

Now it’s getting serious. Call us   in  for a survey for a Titan steel door don’t become a victim we have  fitted our security Titan doors in a well-known auction house recently in London in fact they had 2  their requirements were quite simple to protect the millions and millions of pounds of antiques and paintings.

so I’m sure if one was fitted to your apartment door it would be great.  The above burglary s no doubt in my mind this evening there would not be 4 families coming back from a hard day’s work to find the devastation of a burglary not only is it a shock in itself it goes much much deeper I’ve heard many stories where families have moved out and many many more stories so at as a precautionary measure  call ASL on freephone: 0800 298 8008

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Recent Burglaries, Get a Titan door installed call us on 0800 298 8008

02 Nov
November 2, 2011
Expensive security locks shame about the door

Expensive security locks shame about the doorIf a steel door was fitted the outcome would have been totally different

Hello Readers I hope that you find my blog informative and interesting. If you would like to leave any comments please do so particularly if you’ve had a burglary yourself and you can write about your experience.

All the addresses below have been broken into recently all had their main entrance door forced open, with out a doubt if a Titan steel door was fitted the outcome would have been totally different: call as now  to get one installed on freephone: 0800 298 8008

  • Carew House, Leigham court road,  Streatham, London, SW16
  • Kennington Road, London, SE11
  • Portland Road, Holland Park, London, W11
  • Cavendish Road, Balham, London, SW12
  • Buckingham Road, Islington ,London, N1
  • Weston Road, Chiswick, London ,W4
  • Atherfold Road ,Clapham, ,London SW9
  • Walsingham road ,Clapton London  E5
  • High Street , Edgware, HA8
  • Victoria Hall, Wesley Avenue , Britannia Village, London,E16

Remember to lock up properly.


Burglary in Dinsmore Road SW12 Balham

24 Jan
January 24, 2009
Door and locks forced open

Door and locks forced open

I’m continuing, as promised to insert a small selection of burglaries that I receive at the ASL office every day.
This is a typical situation, where the owner came back from a hard day at work to find that hes apartment door was open, and that he had been burgled. Most insurance company require, that a British standard five lever deadlock be fitted to your main door. As you can see there was a five lever British standard deadlock fitted to this apartment door, which proved to be absolutely useless, as you can clearly see. Once a carpenter has to remove, a significant part of the door, to enable him to install this lock, there is hardly any wood either side, connecting the lock to the door. In fact the owner was really wasting his time locking the door. Something needs to be done, there is something you can do, please visit ASL Steel Security Doors.

keep safe and lock-up properly

Amanda Williams