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What Signals Are You Sending?

24 Nov
November 24, 2012


We’re proud to have helped so many people avoid getting robbed and we’re proud to tell anyone that it’s practically impossible to break down one of our doors thanks to: the 2 mm Galvanized frame, the 3 mm steel tube that composes the wing frame, the 1,5 mm of steel that compose the wing skeleton, the central lock cylinder that provides a 14 steel bolt locking system which acts in 3 directions, the drill proof barrel, the registered key system, the security mechanism on the frame that prevents any widening attempts and the steel hinges.

Unfortunately, the front door is not the only important aspect that you should consider when thinking about your home’s security. But we want you to be safe, and that’s why we’re sharing with you a couple of useful tips, based on the confessions of professional burglars.

First of all, it’s good to know your neighborhood and keep an eye out for any new suspicious faces. A burglar once said that he does his best to never look like a crook, so he can be walking around dressed like any other person or disguised as a handy man. It’s also likely that under his disguise he’ll knock at your door and if you’ll answer he’ll ask for directions or offer his services as a handy man for cover. And by the way, you should also choose wisely the handy men that actually enter your home, since a person who’s already seen the inside of your house has a better idea on your assets and exit/entry points.

Then, it’s very important to think about what you’re leaving around your yard. Regarding this, mail should be on the top of your list, even if you’re going away for a while. Cancel subscriptions or ask a neighbor to pick them up. Burglars might even leave a flyer in your mail just to see how long it takes for it to disappear. Next on this list should be toys left behind by your children – if there’s an abundance lying around, a burglar might get the impression that they have plenty of choices inside, including expensive electronic games, and furthermore it’s probably a sign that you’re not actually on a tight budget, so there are plenty of valuables inside.

As for other things that can be seen and shouldn’t  your alarm code – if your front door has an ornamental glass section, make sure your code is not visible through that section from the outside; your assets – make sure there’s not a lot that can be seen from the outside looking in and it’s always a good idea to draw your curtains as soon as it’s time to turn the lights on; any sign of recklessness – for example, if you’re leaving in a hurry and forget to lock your door, there’s a possibility that a burglar’s on the job and notices this.

So think about the signals you’re sending. We guarantee that our doors are burglar-proof, but if you make it worth their while, burglars will be very motivated to get in and they’ll find other ways – breaking a window is not hard at all, using the chimney is not uncommon and they keep getting more and more creative.


Choose a Door Colour that Fits Your Personality

24 Oct
October 24, 2012


The front door is an important part of your house. Its design can improve your home’s overall appearance, or not. Of course, functionality is probably the key aspect of a front door, but our steel doors are covering that aspect without any flaws. All you have to do is choose a design, and a colour. And whether you’re willing to stand out or not, we’ve got plenty of options for you, so what fits your personality best?

Red is passion, enthusiasm and action. It’s the fire within you and it’s the perfect symbol for your active way of life. It’s stimulating, challenging and it’s a sure win if you want to stand out of the crowd. If this is who you are, we’ve got plenty of reds for you: Flame, RAL Signal, Carmine, Purple, Wine, Black, Oxide, Brown, Beige, Tomato, Coral, Rose, Strawberry, Traffic, Dark Salmon, Raspberry or Orient.

Yellow is about warmth and intimacy, but also about focus and communication. It’s specific to the active type, who’s inquisitive and has high aspirations. Is this you? Then maybe you’d like one of these shades of yellow: Sand, Signal, Dark Golden, Honey, Maize, Chrome, Lemon, Sulphur, Saffron, Zinc, Olive, Cadmium, Traffic, Ochre, Curry, Melon, Broom, Dahlia or Pastel.

Green is said to be calming, relaxing, the colour of meditation, balance and safety. If you tend to be more introspective and less active, green is the best choice for you, and we’ve got more than a dozen shades: Patina, Mid. Emerald, Leaf, Middle Olive, Blue, Light Moss, Grey Olive, Bottle, Brown, Fir, Middle Grass, Reseda, Black, Reed, Yellow Olive, Black Olive, Turquoise, May, Yellow, Pastel, Chrome, Pale, Brown Olive, Traffic, Bracken, Opal, Turkish, Pine Tree, Mint or Signal.

Blue is tranquillity, dreaming, inner focus and deepness. If you’re calm, deep and sensitive, let others know and go for one of these beautiful shades: Turquoise, Pale, Violet, Green, Ultramarine, Dark Sapphire, Black, Signal, Brilliant, Grey, Light Azure, Gentian, Steel, Light, Dark Cobalt, Pigeon, Middle Sky, Traffic, Turkish, Capri, Ocean, Water, Night, Fern or Pastel.

Grey is definitely about power and we’ve got plenty of options for you to show your strength: Dark Squirrel, Silver, Olive, Moss, Signal, Mouse, Beige, Khaki, Green, Tarpaulin, Iron, Basalt, Brown, Slate, Anthracite, Black, Umber, Concrete, Graphite, Granite, Stone, Blue, Cement, Yellow, Pale, Platinum, Dusty, Agate, Quartz, Window, Traffic, Silky or Telegrey.

Brown is also about power, but in the same time it stands for reliability and comfort. So if you’re sincere, mature and open, you could advertise your traits through one of these browns: Green, Gold, Signal, Clay, Copper, Fawn, Olive, Nut, Red, Sepia, Mahogany, Chocolate, Grey, Black, Orange, Beige, Pale or Earth.

You can visualize any of the shades above here, and you’ll also find a bold variety of violets and pinks. Of course, you can always choose whites or blacks, but don’t miss out on the chance to really express yourself!




How Does a Steel Door Protect You?

22 Oct
October 22, 2012


Burglary is for most people a common noun. It’s something that they can define as being a crime, an act of breaking an entry. It’s easy to assume that it’s not an enjoyable experience since it results in a financial loss and it’s basically an unwanted complication to anybody’s life.

Unfortunately, a burglary is much more than that. It’s an invasion of your private space. It’s a violation of your intimacy. And its consequences spread beyond the financial aspects. It’s not an easy thing to understand, and since true understanding comes with actual experience, it would actually be best if few to no people would find out what it’s all about.

But prevention is always better than the cure, so we’ll try to guide you through a mental exercise. Think about an object you cherish. It may be something you have inherited, or something that reminds you of someone/something or it may even be an object that you worked very hard to get. Let’s assume that you have insurance and regardless of how cheap or expensive that object might have been, your financial loss will be covered. But when that object gets broken or simply disappears, your emotional bond with whatever it stood for will also be hurt. And it surely won’t help that the one who broke it or took it away was far from being well intended. Then, think about your private possessions. How would you feel about a total stranger going through them? An unknown person violently ransacking through your pictures, clothes or diary…

The truth is that you can replace a TV set, and the same goes for the rest of your appliances, but your assets also include objects that cost more than money. And those objects deserve to be better protected. You deserve to be better protected! It’s no exaggeration that there are support lines out there for burglary victims, and it’s no exaggeration that some people go through therapy to get over the trauma. Maybe you didn’t consider these aspects until now, but you should start to.

So a titan steel door does much more than to protect you from a financial loss. It’s a strong barrier between your personal space and perpetrators. We can help you with a product that offers the highest level of security against forced entry. More than 1000 kg of force would be necessary to put down one of our doors, and that’s way more than any man can produce. And our doors’ resilience comes from more than one feature: it’s about structure, frame, its connection to the frame and the unique locking mechanism, which bolt shuts the door in 18 points.

Being protected is in your power and the solution is only one phone call away. We’ll be at your place in about 15 minutes and we’ll talk about the best options for your needs.

Burglary, Blyth Road, London, W14 03/04/09, Don’t let this happen to you get a TITAN steel door fitted today Call us on 08448 04 04 04

03 Apr
April 3, 2009


Remember a burglar does not need to have your key to open your door.

Remember a burglar does not need to have your key to open your door. Actual burglary picture         


Hi everybody,

A typical scenario. A Victorian house converted into four flats, the main entrance door is fitted with an electrical release lock, very very easy for a burglar to open. And then just force open one of the apartment doors. Get the upper hand over the burglar, reassure yourself when you go to work, that you’re not going to come home and be devastated by a breaking get a TITAN door fitted now

If you would like to leave a comment please do so. Remember Easter holidays are coming up the burglars will strike. Eliminate the possibility of your main door being forced open call us today for a survey

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Attempted Burglary, Gayford Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 19/03/09

20 Mar
March 20, 2009
These home owners were very very lucky. They heard a loud banging noise at their front door they went to investigate but the burglars had already left. This is quite common a burglar will ring the doorbell knock on the letterbox, if there is no reply he will then start forcing the door open. Quite a dramatic experience for anybody. Once again my advice, is to get a Titan door installed. In our experience once they see this door they go elsewhere.
If you would like to leave a comment please do so, particularly if you have been burgled
Take care out there and remember to lock up properly







20 Mar
March 20, 2009


These burglars are finding it very easy to break into homes, don’t let it happen to you install a TITAN steel door today. Call us on 08448 04 04 04 AND TAKE THE ADVANTAGE AWAY FROM THE BURGLAR GET A TITAN STEEL DOOR FITTED NOW

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Take Care


Burglary prevention by ASL




Google Street search a gift to burglars 20/03/09

20 Mar
March 20, 2009

Good morning everybody,

It’s a beautiful day today, the sun is shining. I just heard on the radio that Google have launched Street view. When I got into the office I went straight to my computer and looked it up.

The first thing I thought is oh my God this is an amazing tool for the local burglars. Basically they can plan everything, they can see how many locks are on the main door to a building, they can see drainpipes along the walls of the building, entrances to ground floor apartments, escape routes, it really is going to help the burglars. So once again prevention is the key. Make sure you have a Titan steel door installed straightaway, call us on 08448 04 04 04 don’t let the burglar have the upper hand

Take care out there, and view Google Street search for yourself, and make your own opinion of the potential problems that it could cause.

You’re welcome to leave me any comments regarding this situation and I shall insert them on to this blog. Any opinions or other fears would be very helpful, or indeed if you think it’s a good idea


MORE homes were burgled in Harrow at the start of 2009 compared with the same time last year, police have revealed. 18/03/09

18 Mar
March 18, 2009

MORE homes were burgled in Harrow at the start of 2009 compared with the same time last year, police have revealed.

Speaking to a meeting of the Harrow Police and Community Consultative Group, Chief Superintendent Richard Walton revealed residential burglary is up by seven per cent since Christmas, compared with the same period in 2008.

Mr Walton said: “We are facing a challenge around residential burglary, and across London there has been a dramatic increase in burglary since Christmas.

“It is following a national trend, and we are desperately trying to get it down.”

Four officers have been added to the police squad specifically tackling the problem of homes being burgled, doubling its previous capacity.

When a home is burgled, the victim and their immediate neighbours are issued with a pack with advice on avoiding being burgled, but Mr Walton said the aim is to stop the burglaries happening in the first place.

He told the meeting on Monday: “We are doing everything we can to try to stem the increase.”

When questioned, Mr Walton added there is no data a present to suggest the rise in burglary in Harrow and across the country is related to the current recession.

Man who interrupted burglary in home tied up 18/03/09

18 Mar
March 18, 2009

2:00 a.m. March 18, 2009

A man was tied up and robbed yesterday morning after he interrupted four men burglarizing his home, sheriff’s deputies said.

The man was upstairs in his house on Manchester Avenue near Birmingham Drive about 10:20 a.m. when he heard noises coming from downstairs. He confronted the men, one of whom had a handgun, sheriff’s deputies said.

The group tied up the man and stole cash, his cell phone and at least one flat-screen television before driving away

Burglary, Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea, London, SW10 10/03/09 GET A TITAN DOOR INSTALLED NOW

12 Mar
March 12, 2009
Once again another door forced open
Remember to lock up properly