The Benefits of installing a Steel Door

12 Feb
February 12, 2014


When picturing a luxurious home or holiday you probably don’t consider the doorways however next time you’re a guest in a prestigious hotel or staying in a private mansion take a look at the doors.

You’ll find there’s much more than meets the eye.

Most modern hotels of 4stars plus now have the added luxury of a steel door for their rooms. Even if this extra isn’t available for every guest it’s almost certain it will be for those staying in the upper decks, suites or honeymoon rooms.

It’s so common these days that you probably take it for granted, noting only the weight of the hotel room door as one of you holds it open while the other fetches the luggage. You’ll be all too familiar with the scene where you fumble with a key card as you precariously balance your bags, slotting it into the wall so you can benefit from some light.

You’ll also remember times when you or a family member has popped outside for a second only to be left stranded without your key as the door closes swiftly behind leaving you locked out of the room.

These may seem like slight annoyances yet the steel doors of hotels give back so much more so these small facts can be ignored.

Why Does Steel Suggest Luxury?

We all know the expression that first impressions count, and the entrance to your hotel room is no different. Immediately, before you’ve even unlocked the door you are rewarded with a sense of safety and security.

Step Inside

Once inside, with the steel door as your boundary you can be confident your privacy is protected as no one can simply drop in without a key.

Sleep Soundly

Steel doors, although revered for security are also incredible at soundproofing a room so once you’re inside you can talk without being overheard and sleep soundly without the noisy hen party across the hall waking you up!

Fight Fire

Capable of resisting extreme temperatures, the steel door is ideal for keeping you safe in the event of a fire. In a hotel fitted with high quality steel doors, even if the hall outside is on fire, you’re unlikely to experience the heat or the smoke through the door. Of course following procedure and getting out of the building altogether is the key but this does provide extra peace of mind.

Don’t be a Hero

Nobody wants to be in a siege situation like in the popular series of 24 but it’s nice to know that if the hotel was ever under attack you wouldn’t have to adopt Jack Bauer’s bravery as the steel door will keep you safe.

The door will ensure no tools, bullets, weapons or flames penetrate making your hotel room the sanctuary you deserve it to be, no matter what happens on the outside.

It certainly shows why steel doors are now common procedure for new hotel builds or refurbishments as they add the extra luxury, privacy and security that every holidaymaker deserves.

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